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Debut novel, Tell The Wolves I'm Home, by Carol Rifka Brunt, 2012. This was one of the first books that I picked up from the library, in months, and really enjoyed. In the past if I'm reading and not liking a book I'll struggle through to the end, just because I feel that I should give the author a fair chance. However, over the last year I no longer waste my time on a book that is not captivating. If it doesn't pull me in by chapter 2, I'm out. Tell The Wolves I'm Home pulled me in by page 4.

It's the 80's and HIV/AIDS is coming to the forefront of people's lives. Whether it's someone they know or in the news. June is a young girl with a pretty idyllic life. Parents who love each other, a sister, (grumpy and standoffish in a teenage way) and special relationship with her favourite and only uncle Finn. Until its discovered that Finn died from AIDS. We learn how her parents, her sister, and her late uncle's partner weave in and out of June's life. Along with secrets that were meant to be kept by many, pulling June out of her sheltered world into some of life's realities. There are plenty of adventures to keep you turning the page. Almost like a voyeur, in a non-sexual way, watching from around the corner. Some of the characters could be easy to hate, but Carol Rifka makes them likable, once you are able to delve into what makes them tick.

I'm really looking forward to Carol Rifka Brunt's next novel. She'll be on my list of favourite authors in the future.

I give Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel by Carol Rifka Brunt 4 /5.

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The taste of Green & Black's is like no other. It tastes different, but in a good way. I thought a little odd at first, but then I realised what I was tasting were the quality ingredients not just sugar, wax, and some cocoa. Take you time with first few pieces. Let in melt in your mouth, covering all of your taste buds. Enjoy it. Taste the difference.

The MILK chocolate is my favourite. I am a die hard milk chocolate girl. Of course not any milk chocolate will do. It has to be a high quality chocolate. I can taste the quality of the ingredients. From the vanilla to the cocoa liquor. The chocolate is smooth, and melts slowly, in your mouth. There is no waxy taste or texture that you often find in a lot of Canadian or American chocolate.

The BUTTERSCOTCH chocolate is just as delicious with small bits of butterscotch pieces that crunch with each chew. The butterscotch pieces do not stick in your teeth like a lot of other brands. Green & Black's is not for people who believe any chocolate will do. This is for the chocolate connoisseur. You have to try it for yourself or gift it to the chocolate lover in your life. I have also tried the DARK 85%, ALMOND, and MAYA GOLD. I'm not a lover of dark chocolate to eat out of hand, but I've used the DARK to bake with and the quality & taste was great. WHITE, I will not be trying. It is not chocolate. It is cocoa butter and sugar, and that is that.

Aside from the great taste, I love Green & Black's chocolate because it is an organic, fair trade, and an ethically sourced product. The price point is higher then your average chocolate bar. For example a Dairy Milk single serving chocolate bar can be as little as 77 cents, while a single serving of Green & Black's can be as little as $3. Prices vary depending on whether it is purchased at a grocery store, health food store, or a drug store.


Green & Black's hot chocolate is pretty amazing as well. It is a treat, like their chocolate bars, to enjoy on a cold winter morning or while enjoying a good book by the fireplace.

Selection will vary by country. Learn more about Green & Black's @

Green & Black's MILK 5/5; BUTTERSCOTCH 5/5.

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