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Angelopolis, written by Danielle Trussoni, published in 2013. I'm a big fan of supernatural books and this definitely hit the mark for me. Angelopolis was written with the a great mix of imagination (mostly) and religious history (some), if I'm remembering my bible stories correctly. If you follow stories from the bible to a tea and are easily offended, I would suggest not reading this because it is a work of fiction. Otherwise take it with a grain of salt and just enjoy great writing.

The descendants of fallen angels, the Nephilim, have been trying for centuries to take over Earth, making it their new Heaven. Getting back into Heaven, hasn't worked out so well. The Nephilim, are heading this attack on humanity. The goal? To eliminate all of human kind, except for the ones they need as their slaves. An organization, the angel hunters/Watchers has been keeping track of them for centuries to keep them at bay, with many unethical and sinister happenings along the way. Much if this including dissection, interrogation, to the elimination of the angelic species, altogether. Unfortunately we won't know who wins the battle, until the next installment. When will that be? No clue.

Rating of Angelopolis: 3/5  


New scratching post for Kai, because I like my chair. So far, so good. Super easy to assemble. 2 dowels and 2 screws. Purchased online at Bed Bath & Beyond. I chose a Canadian retailer because I wanted to avoid duty & exchange rates, which can sometimes increase the price by double or more. This was the most economical choice to me. There were other options like and, but the price difference was ridiculous. $55.95 CAD before taxes vs $109.99 CAD, SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post.

Sisel side
Bottom base, the only part that needs to be assembled.
Top to bottom.


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Loving Saturday because I spent Thursday and Friday in migraine hell. If it didn't clear up today it would have been a trip to the hospital. I have tons of work to catch up on but I'm so glad that my migraine is gone for the most part. Just a lingering, of throbbing and dull pain. So I won't be over doing it today. I'm just thankful that I can function today.

I started the donation process of mom's clothes, at least her coats and footwear. They're sitting in the hallway waiting for my sister to okay the giveaway. One thing at a time, because it's hard. Every time I go through her stuff I ball like a baby. This is not getting easier with time. But I'm not being hard on myself because it's only been 4 months (on the 19th). Anyway it has to get done. A little at a time, so when the house sells we just pack what we want/need and leave.

first-try-at-kimchi-feb-2015My first try at kimchi was a success, to me. It tastes great and is stinky as hell. Kind of like a flavour intensive sauerkraut. I got the recipe from, with a few of my own modifications. Next time I'll add some heat with dried chili flakes or fresh chilies. I love making stuff instead of getting it from the store. I know what's in it, I can make it to my taste preference, and I enjoy doing it!

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