Saturday Edition

Loving Saturday because I spent Thursday and Friday in migraine hell. If it didn't clear up today it would have been a trip to the hospital. I have tons of work to catch up on but I'm so glad that my migraine is gone for the most part. Just a lingering, of throbbing and dull pain. So I won't be over doing it today. I'm just thankful that I can function today.

I started the donation process of mom's clothes, at least her coats and footwear. They're sitting in the hallway waiting for my sister to okay the giveaway. One thing at a time, because it's hard. Every time I go through her stuff I ball like a baby. This is not getting easier with time. But I'm not being hard on myself because it's only been 4 months (on the 19th). Anyway it has to get done. A little at a time, so when the house sells we just pack what we want/need and leave.

first-try-at-kimchi-feb-2015My first try at kimchi was a success, to me. It tastes great and is stinky as hell. Kind of like a flavour intensive sauerkraut. I got the recipe from, with a few of my own modifications. Next time I'll add some heat with dried chili flakes or fresh chilies. I love making stuff instead of getting it from the store. I know what's in it, I can make it to my taste preference, and I enjoy doing it!

Till next time,