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So far, so good. There's a lot to do, in a short amount of time. Even with all the hustle and bustle, including my last assignment & a lot of walking, I'm having a good time. It's also so nice to walk around with just an extra sweater, and no coat. That I like so far.

Burnaby is nice and where my friend lives is convenient to everything. Vancouver is nice, to shop in and visit. I do know that I have no desire to live in the downtown core.  Crowds are not my thing. Visiting New Westminster, Surrey, Kelwona? next and I'm hoping that I get the "feeling", one of them is the place for me. But I'm also going to the Victoria area, so I'm hoping I like it there as well. I'm thinking at the end of my trip I'll do a hit or miss list of food places, with a super short review of each. Who knows, everyone has different tastes. I'll think about it.

I went Stanley Park yesterday, but I forgot that SD card at my friends place, so I'll post some of those photos later. Here are a couple that I took with my little camera for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hit 🙂


Miss 🙁Chewy-Junior-03-26-2015-Miss-(1)

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is a good luck day for me. There may not be anything spectacular that happens, but nothing horrible does either. If you think bad things are going to happen they probably will. Kai, my black cat pictured below, is my good luck charm, there's nothing bad or evil about her. To me those black cat supersitions are garbage. If a black cat crosses your path, just say hi and move on. If one walks under a ladder, well it walked under a ladder.


Kai's favourite spot, by the vent, under mom's bed. I had just opened the window, so of course she got out to investigate.


Have a great Friday and weekend!

P.S tomorrow, Saturday is Pie  Pi Day. I'd like a piece of apple or sweet potato pie. What's your favourite pie?

Till next time,