Daily Archives: March 6, 2015


plans are on the go. About 3 weeks in British Columbia and I can't wait. So it's triple time on getting this course finished or at least up until the final project, which is not due until April 24th. I really do not want to do any school work on vacation, but who knows. Why didn't I wait until the end of April, you may ask? Well I don't want to travel when it's getting too warm, I detest the heat. I don't want to travel when the place will be even busier with tourists. Getting accommodations that I like and that are close to town, will be harder and more expensive. Yes I'm travelling/scouting but I have to stay within a budget. That's just a few reasons.

Prepacking - check

Accommodations confirmed - check

Plane ticket booked - check

Transportation to Toronto, to catch my plane - check

Transportation getting to the island - still working on it

Nervous and stressing a little - check

I'll be taking plenty of pictures, possibly video. When I'll post them? Who knows. I plan to enjoy myself while figuring out if and where in BC is right for me in the next part of life's  journey. I can't wait for warmer, Spring-like weather.

bee-3-aug-23-13 P9063279

Till next time,