I saw this on a website, #AnswerYourCat'sQuestionsDay. So I decided to answer a few with pictures. Sometimes it's just about fun!

Kai: "Why are you taking off your fur?"

And when you're naked.

"What happened!?"

Me: That's how it is. Sorry if I gross you out!


Kai: "Where do you go, when you leave the house?"


Me: On exciting adventures around the world, of course!


Kai: "Who were you with? I can smell them!"


Me: I promise I was just saying hi to the pet store cat. Really.


Kai: "Is that for me?"

Me: Of course it is. Everything I bring in here is for you, Kai.


Kai: "What's going on up there?"

To the loud upstairs, neighbours.

Me: I'd like to know as well. Their loud af, huh?


Kai: "Did I hear my treat bag open?"


Me: No Kai, it's not treat time. I just opened the fridge/turned on the kettle/am eating a cracker!"

Some other questions on the kitties mind:

Kai: "Why do you not groom yourself? Don't you feel gross?"

Kai: "Why are you not up and getting my breakfast. It's 5 a.m. already woman!"

What thoughts pass through your cat's mind. Okay, what you (we) think does? Have a great weekend!

Till next time,