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I'm getting too old to worry about style alone, although style and trends have never been my thing. Comfort is my priority. Broken ankles are not on my bucket list. The hills and inclines where I live, can be deadly to one's ankles and feet. So, I had to invest in a better pair of walking shoes. Shoe's that really grip my feet.


Looking for shoes in my size (12) has kind of been a nightmare (I know dramatic) because almost all of the stores that I went into, 9-9.5 in women's shoes were as high as they went. Really, I know I'm not the only big-foot wonder around! Plus, they (most that I went into, not all) "couldn't" order my size from the company. Wow!

So, back to online shopping I went. I found some Clarks on On sale, as a bonus. (I love a sale)!


I'm loving them! They come in a variety of colours and I chose the "Leaf Brown" because, why not?

I think I'll finally found a good pair of walking shoes, for my big Fred Flintstone feet. They are comfortable, solid and do a great job of keeping my feet and ankles, secure. Most importantly, it's waterproof. So far, so good and if they hold up I will be going back to the Clarks brand.


Do you have a favourite/go to, shoe style or brand? (The sale may be over now, but amazon has sales all of the time, especially with a new season coming up, if you head over to check it out. Clarks Women's Wave Trek Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker,Brown Leaf)
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Now I know that this isn't a new product, but it's new to me. I'll admit I can be thrifty (Shipping costs and duty can make me empty a shopping cart quickly!) and I was waiting for this to be available in Canada. I've finally found it, through

Sure I could make my own protein shakes (and do), but life gets busy and when you have a quick & easy protein mix on hand, why wouldn't you use it?

-Each serving size has 15 grams of protein.

-120 calories, per serving.

-Simply mix with water.

-Gluten free, with no artificial colours or flavours. Which is great for me.

I purchased the Vanilla Latte and Mocha flavours.

They both mix very well. I would suggest using a wire whisk ball, (Many health food stores give you one of these along with the mixing bottle, when you purchase protein powder. I think they get them for free, from the companies, for branding?) or a blender to make sure there are no chunks or pieces. No one likes to drink and feel chunks and bits in their mouth. Yuck!

Rating/Would I purchase it again?:

Mocha-  5/5.  Yes, I would purchase this flavour again. It tastes exactly like a cold mocha, from a coffee shop. I love that you can barely taste the protein in it. In other words it's not overpowering, nor does it feel like a punishment, like with many other protein drinks.

Vanilla Latte-  2.5/5.  No, I would not purchase this flavour again. Not because it's a bad flavour. The vanilla was nice and not overpowering at all. But, it was just too sweet, even after I added some extra water and ice cubes, letting them melt a little.

I will definitely purchase the other flavours, to try in the future.

Are you a Click drinker? What are your favourite flavours?

Check out Click Espresso Protein Drink, Mocha, 14-Servings, 15.8-Ounce Canister or
Click Espresso Protein Drink, Vanilla, 14-Servings, 15.8-Ounce Canister.

(Disclosure: Affiliate, meaning at no extra cost to you, a small percentage of the sale comes to me links are in this post. I will only recommend products that I have used in the past or continue to use currently. )

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