Daily Archives: March 2, 2016

~This week (and hopefully, forever) I'm making a better effort to get my water intake back up. I know this is probably the biggest issue, even if it's not the issue, of why I feel like crap much of the time. I'm trying to get back to drinking a lot of water, everyday. Those big 4 L jugs that you can get from any store. I'm so bad with drinking water consistently. It tastes boring and in the colder months, I prefer hot drinks. It's a struggle but until it's routine, I've accepted that's how it's going to be. One day at a time.

~ I did end up purchasing the light lamp from amazon.ca, on sale, of course. So if you go there now, it may be back to the regular price. There are a ton of other light options. It just depends on what you want to pay. I'm not sure if it's time, taking most of last week off, the light itself, or a combination. But I do feel better. HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp

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Don't mind the dried up plant leaves. I have to do some major pruning.

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