Daily Archives: March 18, 2016

~My corned beef dinner was pretty tasty. Although by the time it was finished, I was tired and really didn't want to eat. I usually start any crock pot dish between 7-8 a.m. This time it wasn't until 10:30 a.m. Oh well, next time.

Stewed Cabbage


Corned Beef, potatoes, carrots


~I was able to get out and take some pictures the other day. (Pictured below. It was a dark day, but that's good for practice.) The majority of the cherry blossoms are not ready quite yet. The trees are budding, so hopefully by next week they will be out and in their full glory. It's so beautiful to see entire streets, around the Vancouver area, full with pink and white blossoms. The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, starts March 24th - April 17th.

Daffodils _DSC2733_DSC2728

~I'm hoping to upgrade my cell phone in the next few months, because the one I have is dying and the camera is and has always been garbage. I love my DSLR, but sometimes I just want a portable camera to upload images to social media, immediately. The search is on. I may need a few lessons from Mobile Photography: Perfect Photos in Your Pocket from Craftsy.com.

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