Daily Archives: April 1, 2016

~Not Here. I'm not a huge fan of pranks or jokes (joking around is a different matter), especially these days. The jokes are often taken too far and people get hurt. Emotionally or physically. Pranks, more often than not; are done for the reaction of a crowd, at the cost of the prankee. Too serious? That's just how I feel, in general April Fools Day Jokes are just not funny. 😏

~Garden Month. It's quite fitting, since I've just started my patio gardening. This is the first time that I'm trying to grow garlic. I'm not sure that I've started at the correct time of year, but hey you try & you learn. Have you started gardening yet? What crop are you excited about this year?


~Poetry And The Creative Mind Day. Creative minds are a blessing and a curse, but I love having one! Being able to express myself in different ways is beautiful. But being able to express myself in different ways can be overwhelming, cause sleep deprivation, leading me to pray for 36 hour days. The ideas never stop, but like a human, I need sleep. Go and create something, it's a beautiful thing!


Episode- 17  "Make Yourself Happy!"

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