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~Spring is here, summer is right around the corner. This means tons of in season, local produce to preserve, for use throughout the year. One method that I love, is dehydration!

~I wish that I had purchased a food dehydrator, years ago. I spent a long time researching food dehydrators and I chose the Nesco FD-37A 400-Watt American Harvest Food Dehydrator, Speckled. I also purchased 2 extra screen trays. This is one of the best purchases that I've made in years. I always like to have snacks on hand, when I'm out and about. Dehydrated food, is one of my favourites. Partially because I'm thrifty and partially because I never know how long I'm going to be out. So far I've dehydrated apples; pears; mangoes; plums and bananas.



Money Saver: If you buy produce in season and dehydrate it at home, you can easily cut the cost in half of what you buy at the store.

Ingredients: You know exactly what is going into your food. If it's important to you, stick to only local, organic ingredients.

Healthy Snack: You can also dehydrate vegetables, if you want to keep your sugar intake lower. I have yet to dehydrate meat. That is next on the list.

Hydro: I did not see a spike or increase in my hydro bill. There may be a slight increase, if you use your dehydrator on a weekly basis. I can't be certain, though.



Size: For someone who does not eat a lot of dehydrated food, this size is great. For a large family, or someone who consumes a lot of dehydrated food, I would get a dehydrator that is at least twice the size.

Warmth: Now that I'm in an apartment and the weather is getting warmer, the heat that this unit gives off is a lot. In our previous home I set this up in the basement, so the extra heat was not an issue.

Time: Time varies, depending on the food you are dehydrating. The pears took about 6 hours. While the Mangoes took around 12 hours.


In Canada: Nesco FD-37A 400-Watt American Harvest Food Dehydrator, Speckled, on amazon.ca. I purchased mine on sale, $49.00, so prices may be lower or higher.

Extra trays: Nesco LM-2-6 Set of 2 Clean-A-Screen Tray for FD-28JX/FD-37/FD-60/FD-61/FD-61WHC/FD-75A and FD-75PR On sale, $13.60, so prices may be lower or higher. Also on amazon.ca

In the United States: Nesco 400 Watt Dehydrator on amazon.com.

Extra trays: Nesco LM-2-6 Clean-A-Screen Tray for FD-28JX/FD-37/FD-60/FD-61/FD-61WHC/FD-75A and FD-75PR, Set of 2, also on amazon.com.


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