Earth Day 2016

~I remember participating in Earth Day in 7th or 8th grade. I guess I don't remember it that well, since I can't recall the exact grade. We had a ceremony at school, where we planted a tree and listened to someone(?) talk about the environment and what we could do to make the earth healthier. I don't remember much else. A few things that I'm doing today, to help take care of our earth...

~ I do my best to recycle and compost. My apartment building does the full recycling/compost thing and I love that! I do miss my 2 big compost bins that we had in our backyard, because I could use the compost in our garden. I'm trying a mini compost on our apartment patio, mainly consisting of egg shells, which is supposed to be good for the soil. I'll see how that goes.


~I've definitely reduced my consumption of meat (No plans to go full vegan). Mostly because of health, but also because I'm still trying to lose some last pounds and I want to maintain that loss. So less meat is good for everyone all around. And of course less methane gas, produced by animals.


~Someday, hopefully soon, I'll be able to plant a tree or two in my own backyard. Maybe a fruit tree, if the climate will allow it. A great way to keep the air clean!

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