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~Lenny & Larry's may not be new to many, but they are to me. I was able to purchase Lenny & Larry's cookies and brownies (they also have muffins), from

~Could I make these myself? Probably but to find the right flours, protein powders and other substitutions, is not something that I feel like doing any time soon.

~I purchased the cookies & brownies through Although you can purchase them directly through the site or at Prices vary depending on where you purchase the product. Lenny & Larry's currently have a sale in the US, where the company is located.


Peanut Butter Brownie- Good. Great peanut butter flavour and not overly sweet.

Cookies & Cream Brownie- Good.  You can really taste the cookies & cream part of it. Although it was a little too sweet, for my taste.

Triple Chocolate Brownie- Yum! Nice and chocolatey, give this one a try. Again no aftertaste.

Double Chocolate Cookie- Hmmm! Tastes like a lighter brownie. No hint, to me, of tasting like a protein anything. My favourite, so far.

Snickerdoodle Cookie- My 2nd favourite flavour. It does have a little more sugar but out of all the cookies, it tastes the most like a "regular" cookie.


Peanut Butter Cookie- Good. No weird aftertaste. I would like the peanut butter flavour to be kicked up a notch though, because I love peanut butter. But I will purchase this flavour again.

Chocolate Chip Cookie- No thank you. Tastes artificial and has a bitter, chemical aftertaste. I won't get this flavour again.

~I do wish the carb & sugar to protein ratio was a little better though. The carb & sugar could remain the same but double (or at least match) the proteins. Who knows if the taste would change dramatically? I'm sure the company tested that out in the beginning. But maybe test it out again.

~I can see myself using these cookies & brownies to make a dessert. Maybe add some ice cream, fresh fruit or whipped cream. Overall a great brand of protein cookies and brownies, when you are craving a treat but want to bump up your protein.

Buying online:

Canada: Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Snickerdoodle: 12-4oz Cookies

United States: Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie, Double Chocolate, 4-Ounce Cookies (Pack of 12) Cheaper in the US, as most things tend to be.

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