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I'm picky about my food, because it's my food! Not when it comes to the variety of food but the quality. The same goes for my coffee. Some people are happy with any brand, as long as they get their caffeine fix but I'd rather drink water. Interestingly enough, I drink coffee for the taste alone. I seem to be one of those weird people who is immune to caffeine highs. I can drink coffee and go right to sleep.

When I left Ontario, I was so upset that I forgot or rather ran out of time to stock up on a supply of my favourite beans, from the local coffee shop. I guess I could have had them sent in the mail but I decided to see what they have on this side (BC) of the country. I did find a shop, in downtown Vancouver but they are far away and kind of expensive. Plus, if i'm going into the city it will be for more than one item. So I went online and found Bean Head coffee. I like to try different brands and their reviews were great.

The funny thing is, they are located in King City, Ontario (of course after I've left that side of Canada), but you can purchase their coffee from various locations & online.

Bean Head coffee is a "Medium-Dark Roast using only 100-Percent Arabica Whole Beans". More importantly, Bean Head is Fair Trade & Canada/USDA Organic Certified. It is sold in 340 gm bags, which is inside of the brown bag. Which I've been saving to put gifts in. Recycle, reuse. Every bag is fresh, not dried out & smelling like heaven. Very low acidity, upon brewing.

You can purchase the whole bean, ground bean or the Keurig K-Cup Brewers. I prefer to purchase the whole bean and grind them as needed.  Because of that I can't talk about the quality and taste of the ground beans or K-cups.

This brand is in my top 5, for whole coffee beans. If you like a strong, smooth, great quality coffee, give Bean Head a try. Learn more about Bean Head here.

Rating: 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓

What are your favourite brands of coffee? Tea lover? Share those as well!


In Canada: Bean Head Premium Organic Coffee, 340gm

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