Gardening Without Spending $Money$

Even buying at discount stores can add up. This is about utilising what you already have in your home & what many of us throw out or recycle. It's not about what you can afford but about not spending money if you don't have to. Well, you'll probably need fresh top soil. Head on over to the video, where I share some tips that I use in most growing seasons.

What are your favourite ways to save or not spend money while making your garden flourish, grow & feed you?


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2 thoughts on “Gardening Without Spending $Money$

  1. I did the egg carton thing this year, and I have used so many old plastic storage bins for garden stuff too! Definitely as trays, but last winter I also used them as compost bins in the garage after I couldn't get out to the pile anymore because of the snow. I layered in my scraps and all the soil & dead plants from my houseplants that were past their prime and everything was broken down enough to fill my beds with last spring. This year I went a step further in my reusing philosophy and I'm using my old refrigerator for seed starting. Lots of ways to move the shelves around and hang grow lights, so I think it'll work out. I've got so much garden stuff I want to do this year, and I'm trying to spend as little as I can.

    1. Post author

      That is an amazing use for an old fridge! If you have to it around you might as well keep it for a good purpose. The bins are a great use for compost. I think I might do that now. Thanks for the idea. That's the one thing I miss about having a house with a yard. I used to have 2 compost bins & I didn't have to buy top soil or potting soil for quite a few years. One day I'll have my house garden again but for now the patio it is.


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