Thank God It’s Monday Day

People always say how they dread Mondays & I used to say the same thing. This doesn't apply to everyone because many of us do not work M-F, 9-5 jobs any longer (or ever). Today is Thank God It's Monday Day. So in honour of this day here is why I appreciate, if not love (I know it's hard) Mondays.

The obvious restart. Especially when the previous week went horribly wrong. Or you just didn't hit the goals that you wish you did. Monday is also a chance to learn from went wrong & try to make the new week better.

Whether that is snapping at a co-worker last week and on Monday having more patience. Or having your work week scheduled on a Sunday. This may include filling out your planner, meal prepping and having your clothes pressed & ready to go for the week.

Do you love or hate Monday's? If you love them, I'd love to hear why? If you hate them, what do you find so terrible about them?

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