Black Panther Trailer – Reaction Poem

Let my people have a moment of reprieve.

Let my people be lost in the screen.

Hair like lamb's wool.  Hair like steel wool. Hair like carpet.


Onyx. Chocolate. Honey. Mocha.


Powerful bodies.

Bountiful hips.

Thighs to stabilize the shoulders that carry the weight of worry.

That carry the weight of life.

Beauty and power.

Beauty and grace.

Intelligence to make the world shudder.

But for a moment of reprieve, watching the big screen.

Forget about the madness of the world.

Take in the beauty.

Take in the strength.

Show what we can be.

Show what we were.

Tell them what we will be.

Let the numbers speak.

Pride and honour.

Beauty. Power. Strength. Grace.

We are.

Till next time,


~Everything Is Not For Everyone~

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