Daily Archives: October 27, 2017

`I think it will take me a few more years to get used to the rainy season that happens in BC. Or at least the lower mainland of BC. I guess it's better than snow, ice or sleet. It's just different. Although according to some, we are supposed to get a repeat of last Winters weather, which was a lot of frost and snow. The Farmers Almanac says just plenty of rain. Generally milder weather across Canada altogether. The lack of snow was one of the reasons that I moved from the east coast of Canada to the west coast. So I'll try not to complain. For the time being, at least I don't have to break out the snow shovel, praying that I don't pull a muscle in my back. Or simply slip & fall while people are passing in the street. Very embarrassing and it's happened more than once.

`I'd love to know if any of you are transplants to a new climate & how you are coping with the weather change. Loving it or not so impressed? Or will it simply take time to adjust?

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