Halloween 2017

~Growing up Halloween was not a big deal or really celebrated at all. I can only recall going out once at 8 or 9 & again at 16 or 17 with a small group of family/friends. I think my mom only gave in because we were begging her for weeks. She didn't grow up in a culture where Halloween was celebrated at all. I still would like to have an adult Halloween party some day. When will that be? Who knows. What will I dress up as? I'm still thinking about that one. Did you grow up celebrating Halloween or not? Let me know in the comment section. I hope you had fun in whatever way you marked the day!🎃

Halloween Cut Out Cookies
Halloween Cut Out Cookies

~It's still not too late (depending on where you live) to bake up a quick batch of my Halloween Cut-Out Sugar Cookies.
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