Dental Care In Cats Plus Checkup 2017

We all know that dental care in cats & dogs is important but how many of us actually help to prevent it? I know I'm not consistent enough. Because of this, the back of Kai's teeth are a horrible yellow & she has issues with her gums. In another 3 years, they may be rotted out! Aftercare video.

In some areas, there are anaesthesia free dental cleaning. I did speak to a service in my area but they said if it looks like they need care beyond a basic cleaning, they will stop & recommend you take your pet to a veterinarian. I decided to head to the vet. As you can see she needed a full cleaning & extraction, under general anaesthesia.

Cat Teeth

Prices will vary by country & of course by the city. Look at spending an average of $150 & up. I did go during Pet Dental Month (February) & had 20% off of the cost. Realize that the cost will go up if an extraction is needed. I believe most vets cap at a certain number of teeth, so if your pet is going to be toothless, some veterinarians will only charge up to a certain number. Please do not quote me. I can not speak for all veterinarian offices & even my vet may charge a higher price, with a new year.

After: Looking clean albeit a little bloody. 14 days of soft, wet food. Rinsing the surgical site, with water after meals. Liquid pain meds for 3 days. 2 checkup visits within the first 10 days.

Post Dental Cleaning and Extraction
1 tooth gone!

6 Month Check Up: Everything looks good! A little staining on one of her back teeth but that's something that will be discussed at her next annual visit (blog coming soon). Some cats and dogs are lucky. They have healthy teeth and gums with zero intervention for their entire life. Others like Kai will have to have their guardians invade their mouths for life, have continuous teeth cleaning and possible tooth loss. Sorry, Kai.

Cat After Tooth Extraction 2
Sitting on my aunties work, makes me feel less woozy.
Cat After Tooth Extraction
Contemplating life & still high from the anaesthesia.

Lesson learned: Clean her teeth regularly. (I usually remember 1-2 times per week, which is not enough.) She's not one of the lucky ones.

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