Friday Catch Up~2018-01-12

~This week has been great! I finally feel like I'm back on track work & fitness wise. Blog posts are rolling again. Cooking videos & recipes are back up as well. I've started selling some of my photos for digital download. The collection will increase over the year, along with buying options but one step at a time. I'm also starting some other projects that will be announced soon! Please follow me on social media to stay current, if you do not wish to wait for blog updates.

~There's a brief update on a review of  Ripple - Pea Protein Beverage that I did last year. Things change so I wanted to share that change, in case someone new comes across that review. Check it out here.

~Today is #NationalGlazedDoughnutDay & I'm all for it, even if my hips are not. Nothing beats a great glazed doughnut in my opinion. If a doughnut shop can't get their glazed doughnuts right, forget it! Unless it's a chocolate cronut. The 1st & only cronut that I've had so far. It was in Victoria, BC & almost $4. So good but 😒 on the price.

~It's also #NationalCurriedChickenDay. It's one of my favourite dishes that I grew up eating. There was always a milder pot for the kids & an extra hot pot for the adults. These days I like it a little hotter, although not lose your tastes buds hot. I prefer my curry scooped up, bit by bit with roti but over rice is good as well. Check out my recipe, Chicken Curry/Curry Chicken - Guyanese Style. This is a great recipe to try this weekend.😏

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