~Happy New Year to everyone! I took a nice break during Christmas week & I've been continuing to build behind the scenes, this week. I'll be back to regular blogs & video posts next week.

~I'll be adding a monthly newsletter, so if you're interested please signup on the right side of this page. I think once a month is good. You'll get first dibs on contests coming up. Sales in my Shop section, including new editions to the shop. A freebie, here & there & early access to recipes, DIY's, reviews. Basically a wrap-up of the month, with some great extras & what is coming up next month. I'll only do more than once a month if I have something that can't wait until the end of the month. I promise to keep it brief.✌️

~Today is National Whipped Cream Day & I'm a fan. On strawberry shortcake, a dollop on your ice cream sundae or on your favourite pie. Did mention on a spoon? Nowadays there are so many whip cream varieties to choose from. Cow; lactose-free; coconut; chocolate; cool whip; nutri-whip. In the can, in a container, from a cartoon, whipped up fresh. How do you enjoy whipped cream?

~Today is also Bird Day. A large variety of birds are hard to find in my neck of the woods but I plan to find them & add to my collection of bird photography. I'd also need a good day of just sitting, standing & waiting. Which I thoroughly enjoy. I can sit in nature forever. I think it's time to look into some birdwatching clubs. Or at least find out where a large variety of birds congregate in the lower mainland of BC.

Till next time,


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