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My audio book choice. Something that I’ve listened to or read before or new altogether.

Bitten by Kelly Armstrong, is a fictional, paranormal drama. Narrated by Aasne Vigesaa. Released in audiobook form, 2004.

Main character Elena Michaels, is just trying to live her life like everyone else. She lives in downtown, Toronto, Canada with her boyfriend Philip. She has friends and a job in journalism that she loves. A pretty normal life by most standards. Except, once a week she needs to leave her apartment in the middle of the night and stretch her feet. Or rather, her paws.

You guessed it, Elena Michaels is a werewolf. One of a small number in the world. She's also the only female. In this tale males are mostly born, but sometimes made werewolves. The gene is not passed down to females. Elena was made. The first female to survive a werewolf bite.

After years of living with her werewolf pack she wanted a "normal" human life. Now the pack needs her back. Trouble is starting with some rogue werewolves, jeopardizing their species. Elena's other life is away from the city. Remote and far away from humans. She also has Clay, a past love who has never stopped seeing Elena as his mate.

Elena has to decide can she continue to live as a human (most of the time) or will she be drawn back to her pack, her duties and her werewolf life?


  • The narrator, Aasne Vigesaa did a great job with making me believe that she was the multiple characters, that she voiced. Not an easy feat for many narrators. As much as I love a full cast, this narrator pulled it off, beautifully.
  • I like the length of the audiobook. Although, almost 13 hours may be too long for some.


  • The Canadian accent. I'm from Ontario, Canada and the narrator was exaggerating a lot (my opinion only). Kind of what non-Canadians expect to hear us to sound like. More than annoying, at times. Maybe it just depends on what part of the country you're from.
  • The sex scenes, were a little long and graphic for my taste. Start and phase out, I get what's going on. 😉

I give Bitten by Kelly Armstrong 4/5.

Bitten also available in paperback, published in 2001.

Who are some of your favourite paranormal authors? Enjoy your Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

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The English American, by Alison Larkin, 2008. Also narrated by author/comedian Alison Larkin. The English American is a semi-autobiographical story about Alison Larkin's adoption, life and what can happen when the parted, parties are reunited. A mixture of comedy, drama & a whole lot of awkwardness.

Pippa Dunn is a 28-year old, who is lost in the world & feels she just doesn't fit in. She feels awkward among her family, friends and in romantic relationships. As per the title, Pippa was born in the US, then adopted, and raised by British parents in England.

Upon finding her biological parents, Pippa makes the move to the US, where she hopes to build relationships with people whom look, talk and act like her. In Pippa's mind everything should go smoothly. But things are far from smooth. Her biological mother is needy & obsessive. Her biological father is warm but secretive about Pippa in his private and public life. The man she thinks she's in love with, has plenty of secrets of his own. And what she thinks is a friendship could blossom into more, if Pippa would only open her eyes.

What I liked about this book, is that towards the end Pippa sees her worth and comes to value what she does have. The relationship that she has with her family (adopted). The relationship with her male friend, that was there all along. Not having to wonder about her birth family any longer. She now knows them, and can continue to transition through life, without the questions of where she came from. Pippa is also able to establish a new career for herself. Something that she may have never pursued if she had stayed in England.

Bottom line. Home is where the heart is.

I give the English American 3/5. I can't give it a higher rating because the biological mother drove me nuts, along with the bio-dad. He was far too concerned with how it would look to other people, instead of doing what his heart told him.

The English American also available in paper copy. See & hear more from Alison Larkin here & here.

Have you listened to or read the English American? What did you think of it?

Loved getting hissed at by the parents. At least I didn't get chased!

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