I'm going to be taking a break from uploading videos to Nadia's Kitchen Creations. Garden updates for Nadia Creates will come as things progress. They are not ending but on hold while I get the photography portion of my business going. I stubbornly tried to do everything at once but that was not working. I am so stubborn.

You can check out some of my work on Some of these are available as prints; on mugs; cell phone covers; postcards; clocks and more! If you like what you see or know someone in the market for art, please pass my link along. Much appreciated!

So when one part needs a running start, the other that is on its way will temporarily be put on hold. Concentrating on one art form and ignoring the other for years or a decade is not what I want. Leaving one art form to rot is like chopping off a thumb for me. You can still write but there is a lot of fumbling along the way.

I'm also getting back into my sketching and painting. A piece of me is missing without them.

The book (the first of many) and the written word is still being scribbled whenever an idea comes to me. I still have the remainder of 2017 to get my book out.

The podcast, My Views, Extended will continue but not this week. The plugin is not working here (you can listen on YouTube to previous episodes) even with the updates, so I'm having to investigate that. Time-consuming and extremely annoying.

Have a great Monday & week!

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Okay that was a longer break than I had anticipated, but in the end I realized it was what I needed. Sold a house, moved across the country, and finished school. Endings and beginnings are difficult, exhausting and somewhat exciting, depending on how you choose to look at them. I'm still deciding on the  exciting part.

Things in general are rolling along. I've started a podcast, My Views, Extended. I'll have links when the first episode is posted. It will consist of possible extentions of this blog or other topics, that I feel will come across better in voice. Or if I'm honest, it will be a quicker and easier format than blogging. Record it and post it. Permissions for songs/music, getting all the legal ducks in a row is the hold up.

I'll get back to My views, of course. Recipes, because the holidays are coming up and I just like to share what works out in the kitchen (and sometimes what doesn't). Reviews of products that I love/like. And anything else that I find interesting/exciting. Maybe sippets of poetry or other writing. Who knows? I'll also finish out my vacation series from earlier in the year. Hopefully someone visiting, or wanting to visit can get some use out of the series.

Finally, I'm not a huge fan of the various other social media platforms but they are necessary in this day and age of business. So, I will try to be more interactive on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I'm still working out how and the frequency but there it is, and so it will be.


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