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And the winner of Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds, by Diane Wing is... Barb K. Congrats & enjoy your book! Thank you to all who entered. There were only three of you but that's better than in the past. Thank you! I used the List Randomizer, from


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This week is good so far, a huge improvement over the past weekend. It looks like Monday is going to be one of the only sunny & rain free days this week. The weather is mild so I'm not letting it get in the way of me getting some outdoor, time everyday. Meaning a walk or some other mild form of exercise.

It's a busy but productive week, that I'm thankful for & happy about. Editing, continued job searching, reading for my next review, gift making.

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  • Trying to enjoy this week & I am because I did not enjoy this weekend at all. Stressed to the max about things I had no control over. Even though I told myself to stop. Life is too short for misery and not long enough (seemingly) to enjoy the good times. Turn that frown around, I have to learn to chant that to myself.
  • I'm finally decided what my next couple of knitting projects are going to be. Although I can't say what it is yet because the person that I'm sending it to, might read this. Kind of ruins the surprise. I've picked the yarn that I'm going to use. So wish me luck. It's been months since I've knitted/crocheted anything.
  • Today is a beautiful day out and I got to enjoy a little of it, this morning. I really have to find time again before the sun goes down to get some more fresh air. As much as I'm not an outdoorsy person, I do feel better when I spend time in the outdoors. I'm thankful for being able to see the beauty in nature. Being able to feel the sun on my skin. Being able to feel the cool air, across the tops of my hands. Being able to watch the fallen leaves, blow across the street.

How was your weekend & how is your week going so far?

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*Giveaway time! One (1) copy of Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds, will be given to a randomly selected person. Leave a comment below. Something along the lines of you'd like to be entered for a chance to win. You can decide how to word your entry. Make sure that you leave a valid email address, so you can be contacted. The publisher with get in contact with you, to ship you a copy of the book. Giveaway open to residents of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Giveaway ends today, Monday, October 22nd, 2012, 11:59 pm EST. Share the link & good luck!

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