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This Monday is well on it's way to be another scorcher. Shocker, I know. This summer is going on the record books for heat waves/alerts.

Finally got my Carols Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. That stuff is elusive. Seriously, I've been trying to get it for over a year.

Kai of course had to check out the box, it came in.

Last night's True Blood was great. It's the only show that I look forward to seeing all week. At least until the fall season starts again. I heard that for season 6, the show is getting a new writer. One that will follow the storyline of the books, more closely. Doesn't really matter to me because I haven't read the books. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Winner posted for the CBC Creative Non-Fiction prize announced today. Trying not to say "if only I had...". Maybe next year. Everything will come in it's own time. The prize included money, publishing, an interview and a 2-week stay at the Banff Centre’s Leighton Artists’ Colony. The 2 week stay to write in a different environment is what made my eyes light up & the "only if's" start.

Okay, off to do some serious editing. Enjoy the day & stay cool for those in the midst of another heat wave.

Song of the Week:Settle Down - Single - No Doubt Settle Down, No Doubt, 2012. Interscope Records. See Settle Down. So glad No Doubt is back with a new album. Love them! (Links may not work in all locations.)

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Phillip Adam is a Canadian company, founded by Phillip Adam and is made in Canada. I love to support products from my country.

I've been using the shampoo (sometimes I don't have the time to use Terresstials how I would like to), conditioner and body wash for a while now.

Shampoo- You can smell the apple cider vinegar, but it isn't over-powering. Not my favourite scent though. Once your hair is dry the smell does go away. Cleaned my hair, cleaning away the product residue without my hair feeling stripped. Suds well, if that is important to you. You can also use this as a body wash. I don't know if I would unless your sure you are cut/scrape free (because of the vinegar).

Conditioner- The conditioner smells more like Granny Smith apples than apple cider vinegar, which is good in my books. It's not a heavy conditioner, which is good if your hair is fine or not dry. If you do need a heavier conditioner the company says that when your rinsing, don't rinse it out all the way. I guess it acts like a leave-in conditioner.

Body Wash- This smells so good. It's not overpowering at all. I'm not sure about the ratio of ingredients but it works. Slightly sweet, but it smells like it could come from your body naturally.

I give these 3 Phillip Adam products a collective 4 out of 5.

Have you tried any Phillip Adam products? What are your experiences?

Song of the Day: Love On Top - 4  'Love On Top' - Beyoncé, 4, 2011, Sony Music Entertainment. Click here to see the video 'Love On Top'. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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