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`Lafe's is an American company, out of Austin, Texas. The founder Lafe Larson, "started creating his own formulations in 1997, operating exclusively in the U.S. and using only natural and organic ingredients" 

From Lafes website:
・Proplyene Glycol Free
・Parabens Free
・Triclosan Free
・SLS/SLES/Sodium Laurel Sulfate Free
・PEG Compounds Free
・Petroleum Free
・VOCs Free
・FD&C Colors/Dye Free
・Mineral Oil Free

`For this review I used Lafe's Natural Crystal Natural and Organic Deodorant Roll On Active. The company also has deodorant sticks, sprays and crystals. Learn more about Lafe's full product line here.

`I was never a fan of deodorant simply because they did not work for me. I used them on clean, dry skin but within the hour my armpits would smell. I still wanted a more natural approach to not smelling.

`I've heard for years about how bad aluminum is for you and now I'm ready to stop putting that on my skin. I really didn't think about the health implications of antiperspirants with aluminum in them until 2 members of my family were diagnosed with cancer. The first, at least on that side of the family, ever.



-Lasts the full 24 hours. Up to 36 hours. Yes, I tested this & no stinky armpits!

-No burning or stinging. Although if you shave and then put the deodorant on, some people may experience temporary stinging. This may mean that you have microscopic tears in your skin. Or you simply ran the razor over the same spots, too many times. If your armpits burn or sting, without being freshly shaven, please stop use.

-Does not make my armpits dark. One of the reasons may be your skin is reacting, badly, to the deodorant or antiperspirant.

-Not putting a potential health hazard, aluminum, directly onto your skin. Learn more about why you should think about not using antiperspirants with aluminum in them @ WebMD Food for thought, you do what works for you.

-Not having to scrub your poor armpits to death to get the layer of antiperspirants off, in the shower/bath. Why is that weird film there?

-If it's important to you, being able to sweat naturally and not smell. Not really an issue for me. I sweat everywhere but my armpits. Like a big, hairy man. The joy.

-Lightly scented. But not enough that when you heat up, everyone knows the brand of  deodorant you are using.


-A little pricier than other deodorants. Average price in Canada for the roll-on is $5.60. (Average is from 5 different online and brick-and-mortar stores.)

-If your skin is not dry before application & you do not allow the deodorant to dry after application, you may get stinky. You need to leave yourself a few minutes for the deodorant to dry on your skin. You can sit there with your arms up, for a few minutes. You can fan each pit with a flyer, for a couple of minutes. Or the quickest way is to set your blow dryer on the cool setting for about 30 seconds, per armpit. Annoying but you will be stink free. I can attest to this, being out in 30 plus degree weather and this deodorant holding strong.

Rating: 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕

Have you tried any of Lafe's Deodorants before? Love it or hate it!

In Canada: Available at select stores and online. The affiliate link is from

 Lafes Natural Crystal Natural and Organic Deodorant Roll On Active 3 oz

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Well, it's been a busy week. The days are flying by and I wish I had more productive hours to utilize. I find the older I get, the faster time seems to fly. The more goals in life I'm trying to hit, the faster the arms of the clock are moving. I wonder if time seems to slow down when you retire, and then speeds up again, as you get older? I guess only time will tell.


Adult acne is not okay. I wish I could have dealt with that as a teen and moved on. But no, clear skin, and then BAM! It's bothering me so much that I now wear cover-up when I go out. I feel that people will stare at my many imperfections. Maybe they will, maybe they won't but when it's affecting my self-esteem, that is an issue. I know what I would like to do (blue light laser) but with the cost, that is not happening any time soon. I've tried dozens of cleansing methods and none of them have worked. So I'm doing the elimination diet, again. This may be round number 3 or 4 in the last 7 or 8 years. It will be dairy.


I'm on day 2 or is it 3 of having no dairy. No cream, milk, my precious Greek yogurt or cheese. These are important sources of protein, not so much the cheese, for me. But I'll have to get protein in other ways. More meat, I guess. Quinoa, which I love. Spinach, various greens, which I eat a lot of now. Dairy free, protein powder. That is going to be a hard one, because most of them are disgusting and have too many artificial ingredients for my liking. Anyway, I'm giving the dairy elimination a try for a month (I'll do my best). I may post before and afters, to share the difference. I'm not sure yet. Although I think I did post acne pictures before, somewhere on this blog.

Anyway, I have a busy day, so I'm off. Have a great Friday & weekend!


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