I'll keep it short because I could go on & on. 

~I'm proud of myself for trying new endeavours even though they were not all successful or as successful as I would like them to be.

~My 2017 To-Do list was kind of a big fail. I only look at it a few times a year, maybe I should look at it at least once a month. I say kind of because I was able to check 2 things off of a long list.

What are some of the things I'm disappointed about?

-My book...Still working that out in life & in my head.

-Vacation, that never happened. Even a short one.

-Socializing. Not enough. But that's on me. I make the choice. Even if I have to pencil it in, I need to make more of an effort.

What are some of the things I'm content with?

-That I started to sell my hair/body butter.

-Getting more comfortable on social media, although I'm still not a fan of selfies.

-Getting back to my daily yoga routine. It's amazing how time & lack of a daily bodywork can cause your joints to atrophy. My HIIT workouts are great for my heart but not enough for my joints.

Lessons learned in 2017:

Be kind to myself. I'm not perfect but I work hard. I've come to accept that good things in my life may take a lot of work & time. Many people would throw their hands up & say forget it but I know that what I'm working toward will come to fruition. I just have to keep working work, keep my eye on the prize & continue to be grateful for even the small things.

If I don't see you next week, have a great Christmas/holiday/time off. If you have to work I hope you get & enjoy the holiday pay.🍽️🍷🥧🎄☕

Till next time,


 ~Everything Is Not For Everyone~