I'm looking back at the last several years of my life and realising most of them were spent in jobs that I had to take, not that I actually wanted. I had bills to pay, so it didn't matter how miserable they made me feel. I know everyone is not going to be in the corporate world or have a 9-5.  Someone has to work in retail, or make those fabulous meals at your favourite restaurant. I've done a lot of them and it's not for me.

With that said, I think that at some point in their life, everyone should have to do a job that makes some part of their body hurt at the end of the day. Heads included because your just so frustrated or stressed. I'm not talking about a couple of weeks either. I mean a good year or 2, of passing through seasons, holidays and celebrations.

Why? So you when you do get the dream job, or at least a job that you hate less, you appreciate it.

When things get too comfortable or dare I say easy, you should be able to go back into your memory bank and remember how much worse it could be.

I'm not going back. That's why I'm busting my a** doing what I love to do. It's working because I'm not giving myself any other option.

Will I always want to write for a career? Who knows but this is where I'm happiest, at this point in my life.

My top 3 horrible jobs

  • Hotel housekeeper. Salary would never go above $11/hr, no matter how long I worked there. Being looked down & talked down to by employees in other departments and hotel guests.  The rooms were absolutely disgusting. Especially when sports teams came through or families. I also permanently injured my neck and back.
  • Grill cook. The grease coated my skin, making me break out. Some of the customers were a pain in the ass and never satisfied. The only saving grace was my co-workers.
  • Customer Service. All the whining, complaining because things weren't going their way, drove me nuts. Sometimes I wanted to reach across the desk and karate chop them in the throat. Repeating their request, and staring me down was not going to change the outcome of the situation. I had no power, therefore I could do nothing but direct them to the people above me. I'm not cut out to put up with nonsense.

I'm not bitter anymore because these experiences happened for a reason.

They've taught me to appreciate what I have.

To treat other people better than others have treated me. In the instances where I treated people badly, to remember that I don't want to be treated unkindly either.

What was one of the most hated jobs that you've ever had or still have?

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