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and I love it! It's my favourite season and so far it's warmer then normal. The calm before the storm, according this years Almanac. A long, cold Winter is on the way. I'm not complaining because other than moving to somewhere in Southern California or Vegas, there's nothing that I can do about it.

I'm slowly but surely making my to a decent and somewhat workable school schedule. I'm getting assignments and quizzes completed on time, so that's all that I can ask for. It's taking me longer then I would like but there's a lot going on and I'll share more when I can. There is no perfect timing in life, so I'm doing what I can.

Working on winding up some wool and spinning the rest of my black Alpaca that I started 2 years ago? I know that's bad. If I continue to wait until I have "time" it will never get done. So when I'm watching a movie, vlog, or listening to a podcast, I'll wind or spin. I'm thinking of making a hat/mitten/scarf set, for the Winer. I'm also deciding on freestyle or pattern. Who knows?


More writing ideas are swirling in my head and there is not enough time to do more then slap the idea on paper, so that I don't lose it. I guess I'll have to learn how to write in minutes instead of hours or days, like I prefer to do. That's a change that I'm not sure I want to work on.

More inspiration to get my entrepreneurship on the go, below. Business plans, finishing school, future employment. Stressful but I want to help the animals so I need to keep moving. This Wolf Hound was awesome. I think he surprised is older self with the 7 foot leap into the sir to "catch" a squirrel, with whom he was having a 1 minute faceoff with. This young Boxer was playful as anything. She's a sweet girl and with a little training to not jump on people when she gets excited, she would be a perfect family dog. All my biased opinions of course. 🙂



One of my favourite podcasts girl on guy with Aisha Tyler is back, with a new season. Her first guest this season is Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Check it out, she's awesome!

Weekly Bee Count: 4: bumble bees; 2: honey bees; 1: unknown bee species; 4 monarch butterflies

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  • Today is World Water Day and I'm going to participate by continuing to be careful with my everyday water usage.

-Not running the water when brushing my teeth.

-Having shorter showers.

-Letting the rain water the grass. If it gets brown, so be it. The grass will come back, it is a weed after all.

Small things but I think they make a difference in the long run.

  • I would love to get a rain water barrel for the yard. I'd use it to water the yard and my compost. I've been taking advantage of the rain/snow for the compost throughout the past year. I've been known to run outside in a down pour, at 10pm, in pajamas to take the compost lids off. I'm hoping it will help in the decomposition process as the weather starts warming up. Eventually when I get my own place I'd like to get a large enough rain barrel for household use as well. Not that the actual water usage is high or expensive, it's the other fees that kill people's bills.


  • I'd also love to be able to build wells in other countries, hopefully in the near future, if things work out in my life the way that I know they can. Clean water sources is the difference between life and death and can be implemented if planned well.

Check out a short video from the UN on International Year of Water Cooperation. Learn more @

  • My hand-spinning is coming along nicely, although I was a little ambitious in thinking that I would be finished by the end of the week. It takes time, patience and skill through practice. Plus, my fingers just get tired after 2 hours. Between typing/writing all day and spinning my hands are sore. But I'll get there. I forgot to add in my last post that my sister, whom is an experienced and super talented knitter helped me get started and is guiding me as I go along. Thanks sister!


Song of the Week: Angels Cry (Remix) [feat. Ne-Yo] - Angels Cry (Remix) [feat. Ne-Yo] - Single, 2010, Mariah Carey. Watch Angels Cry. (Links may not work in all countries. All videos belong to the artist/corporation.)

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