Feeling hot, hot, hot! The original by Arrow, not the Buster Poindexter crappy version. I know it's almost June but damn! If it's this hot now, we are going to be sweltering again this summer. Most people in the BC Lower Mainland do not have central air. It was never really hot for more than a couple weeks a year, so why add it to the home building cost. Between these cold, snowy winters & hot summers, I might as well have stayed back east.ūüėí¬†So, here are some tips that¬†have helped me beat the heat.

Ways that I stay cool.

1. Keep the shades drawn. Not seeing the sun and being able to look at the blue sky sucks but so does sweating, while wearing short-shorts and a tank top.

2. Keep the ceiling fans running. The hydro bill has only been a few dollars more for the past few years.

3. Open the windows to let the cool morning/night air in. If you have a portable fan, move that to the window to suck in the cool air, during those times.

4. When it starts to warm up, close the windows. Don't wait too long. If the room/house gets hot, it will be hard to cool it back down.

5. Use rice/bean packs. Instead of heating them, place them in the freezer. (Thanks for the tip A!) Then place them around your neck, or on your wrists. It actually works!

6. I have plenty of ice on hand, along with my freezer mug, which keeps my cold drinks nice & icy. This also helps to keep me drinking water or herbal tea throughout the day. Although I'm not a fan of drinking hot beverages when it's 90 degrees outside. Sweating all day to stay cool does not appeal to me. I detest sticky skin.

What are you doing to stay cool? Especially if you don't have central air or an air conditioner.

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Although I'm not a huge fan of city living, I decided to pick a few things that I like about Vancouver, BC.

~The SkyTrain. No need to worry about parking, to enjoy the heart of the city. The stairs can be a bit much some days, but when I have the energy I go all out.



~The people, in small doses. 


~The greenery. The community gardens. You may not have your own backyard, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy, fresh, out-of-the-ground produce. Tree lined sidewalks & parks. 



What do you like/love about where you live in, or a city close by?

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