• OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope my fellow Canadians and residents enjoyed the Civic holiday weekend. I pretty much napped, read, made jam, did what I wanted. Kind of didn't last long enough, if you ask me. The weather was moderate so I was happy, although the sun could have made a longer appearance.
  • True Blood, episode 608, "Dead Meat" was great on Sunday night, much better then the previous episode. I love that the Alcede most of us love, is back. Being a pack-master changed him and not in a good way. I do think Alcede should have finished off Rikki in their fight because she is getting on my last nerve. Sarah Newlin also needs to be on that list. Every time she does something evil she praises Jesus. Please, she has lost it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA-I can't believe that Sam is going to be a dad. Well maybe I shouldn't be surprised because he jumps on any women, as soon as times get tough.

-And what the heck was Erick thinking, killing Warlow (at least I think he's dead). I know he's mad at Bill for not doing more for Nora but now all the vamps are going to die. Dummy.



  • We don't plant rhubarb because it's an annual, coming back every year without fail. Each bush growing 2 yields. I'm not a fan of rhubarb but it pains me to see food wasted. Plus the neighbours only want so much. So this year I made jam, for the 1st time (recipe coming soon). Last year it was chutney. Still have some of that in the cold storage, but it is good.

How was your weekend? Anything fun or different that happened on the Civic holiday weekend?

Till next time,