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(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours. Although there are no true misses in this post. These are just some of the locations that I visited. These are most of the other places, before my last travel post of the beautiful, Victoria BC.)

T&T Supermarket: Hit Coquitlam, Burnaby & Vancouver BC (I went a few times)   A huge Asian market, located around BC, Alberta and a few places in Ontario. I'm kind of in love with this place and the coconut buns. I'm not really a bread person but I could become one. Warning, it's always busy and crowded, so if that's not your thing, stay away.




I-Mart: Hit   Asian market, in Burnaby, BC

London Drugs: Hit   In Burnaby, BC. Similar to Shoppers Drug Mart in price, but with more house ware. I had to leave before I bought more then I intended to. Mostly expensive with good deals splattered around the store, if you look for them.

Diana Market: Hit Burnaby, BC   Small Middle Eastern market, where I found some great spices. I can see myself going back to restock when I'm in the area.


Hannam Supermarket: Hit   Another Asian market in, Burnaby, BC


Choice Markets: Hit   In Vancouver, BC. Great produce and selection. Comparable to Whole Foods but on a smaller scale. Pricier, not for bargain hunters/budget people. But I like to check out all options.

Save -on-Foods: Hit   In Burnaby, BC. Large store, great selection on organic, health foods. Can be pricey, but you can find good deals if you look around, plus they have a rewards program. Points are always good in my book!


GOGO PIZZA & PASTA HOUSE: Hit, takeout in Coquitlam, BC   2 pizzas for under $20. Great prices. The business looked clean. I did not get food poisoning. Great customer service. Pizza was very tasty. I had extra pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese. Good crust, nicely flavoured sauce. Able to change from regular crust to thin crust. A lot of combo deals available.  Check it out.

Burnaby GOGO Pizza & Pasta House 3

Belmont Bakery & Bistro: Hit   In New Westminster, BC. The apple pie I had tasted like homemade, it was so good. Not too sweet. Ample filling, with the apples still firm. Flaky, crispy, not-too-thick crust. I will be visiting them again if I get to go back to the area. (Which I have since. The pierogies are super tasty.

Yokoyaya: Hit  In Vancouver BC   Japanese dollar store, but like other dollar stores, very few items are just $1.


Old Navy: Hit   Clothing store, in Canada and the US. This one was in Surrey, BC

Bentley: Hit   Luggage and accessory store, in New Westminster, BC. Located across the country. Where i found the bottle protectors.

Bed Bath & Beyond: Hit   In Richmond, BC. Great deals occurring all of the time, if you're wiling to spend a little money. The store does smell good, if you're not overly sensitive to perfumes/scents.

Dollar Tree Stores Canada, Inc.: Hit   In Burnaby, BC. I love a great dollar store. You can find great prices and many of them have brand name items.

WalmartA reluctant Hit Burnaby, BC   I normally wouldn't do this but I have to give Walmart a shout out. I needed a last minute bag & lock and they were the only place open at 10 p.m on a Sunday night. Plus the customer service was great.

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(Video of some shopping)

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park 2

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(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours. Although there are no true misses in this post.)

I didn't do a lot of shopping in Courtney because it was the Easter weekend, therefore a lot of businesses were closed, but I found some great treats. They have a mall, Driftwood Mall, but it's very small and about half of the business spaces are empty. Although I did get a tasty cinnamon bun from a bakery called Cinnsational. Using the Greyhound to get here was okay but getting on and off transportation twice (and paying twice) was a bit annoying. Travel to Courtenay, BC about 3.5 hrs, in total.


Passing through Nanaimo, to get to Courtenay, I immediately felt that I could live on the island. I'll admit, I got a bit weepy, because there are very few places that feel like home. That being said Courtenay, BC is a nice place but it's almost the same as where I live now. Small & homogeneous. The people there were absolutely wonderful, the mountain views were everywhere, and the air was clean. Housing is very affordable, which makes moving there very tempting. I do my best to never say never but for now moving there makes no sense, I could just stay where I am.

Nighttime view from my airbnb.
Night view from my airbnb.

Edible Island Whole Foods Market: Hit

The staff was friendly and ready to help, if I needed it. A small store but great selection. Pricey, but it is Whole Foods. If you're shopping organic, this is the store for you in Courtenay.

Day 3
Day 3 mung beans

Cake Bread Artisan Bakery: Hit

I went twice and the customer service was great, along with the quality of food. A tad expensive but it is worth it. A perfect place to treat yourself or pick up gifts for a friend. The carrot cake was amazing! It tasted like homemade. A perfect ratio of moist, flavourful cake to cream cheese icing. The serving size was huge. Enough for 2-3 people. Hot-Chocolate-choc

Hot Chocolates: Hit

Again, great customer service. The chocolates were probably the best that I had on my BC travels. I'm a milk chocolate girl. I will definitely be visiting them again. Who would have thought finding grape Jelly Bellies would be so difficult? I searched everywhere and only found them in Courtenay BC, at Hot Chocolates.Hot-Chocolate-choc-2

Thifty Foods: Hit

Super friendly cashiers, and Seafood department staff. I enjoyed a nice piece of perch, halibut and jumbo shrimp, along with fresh produce. Don't forget your airmiles card.

Coastal Black-Estate Winery: Hit

I purchased the Blueberry Table Wine, $18 and it was delicious! A sweet blueberry wine, with a strong floral finish, 13% alcohol.

Rawthentic Eatery: Hit

I just had the Green And Clean juice, which was graciously customized to add more ginger. $7-ish.

Although Courtenay was quiet, this was the first part of my trip where I was able to just breathe. I did a lot of walking, picture taking, and just being. If you are looking for someplace quiet, and peaceful, Courtenay, BC is a great vacation spot. Part 4Courtenay-BC-56

Till next time,