Life has been wonderfully busy, so I just wanted to stop in for a quick catch up post.

-Had a sick family member that I was helping out, so that took a lot of my time. Family first!

-The sky's out here in the lower mainland are thick with smoke, from the continuing wildfires. The lighting is very off. Dark with a greenish hue. I hope everyone's breathing is okay. Click the here for info on ways that you can help.

-I've been working on an SEO/Marketing/Social Media certification. It would be nice to finish in a couple of days but if I want to retain the information, I need to take my time. Always improving myself, especially with the ever-changing digital world.

-No podcast or cooking video this week but I'll do my best to have one up next week. I swear the heat temporarily addled my brain.😁 Check out the previous cooking video.

-And finally, my patio garden is coming to an end. It wasn't the success that I had hoped for but at least I was able to grow a few things. Finally able to enjoy some tomatoes! Check out my latest Garden Update.

Have a great weekend & Friday!

Till next time,


"Everything Is Not For Everyone"

I forgot to share this years 1st visit to my local garden centre. No pics of Jack the cat, yet. The season is still young, plus he was sleeping so soundly in his basket. I did learn that the vast amount of turtles are there because of drop-off's. People that think an inch-sized turtle is cute until, it doesn't stop growing. Or one of the big reason's. Parent's of college/university students dropping turtles off after the 1st or 2nd semester because they don't want to look after their kids turtle. I wish people would think before they get certain animals. Whether it's animals that need special care or animals that may outlive you. By the way the turtle on top refused to come off the rocks during snack time, to get her treats. Apparently she's a hand-fed diva. The attitude she gave off was too funny.

turtle 2014 2

I'm also making my way through the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries by Nancy Martin. I finished Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die. Now I'm on to A Crazy Little Thing Called Death: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery. I treasure my reading time on the bus because that is the only time during the week that I have to read for pleasure, without guilt. Are you reading any good books or book series?


My 1st Tilley. Loving it! A lifetime guarentee  for replacement if it wears out. Insured against loss. This model has a UPF of 50+. Which is great for me because I can't wear any kind of sunscreen on my face. Breakouts galore. Don't mind the fluffy robe, I was getting comfortable for the rest of the night.:)

my first Tilly

Anyway it's  homework time now, so I can enjoy my weekend later. I hope you enjoy yours!

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