Although it seems to be warming up faster, in 4 season locations. The cherry blossoms are already popping out in the Vancouver, BC area. So, as soon as I get a good stretch of sun and no rain, I will be heading out in the early mornings to snap pics with big Sally. (That's my DSLR, and I just gave her a name, as I'm typing). 😏

mini flowers 05 2014

~I'm determined to see the movie, Zootopia by the end of this weekend. Not sure of the day or time, yet. I love animation, and the trailers look good, so I'll see. I was disappointed with the last movie I saw, The Witch, so I'm putting my fortune into a comedy this time. Are you seeing any movies this weekend? Have you had any disappointments, lately?

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It's been a slow week on the blog because work is super busy. I hope everyone is doing well and January is treating you well. If the year seems to pass as quickly as it has been, Spring will be here before we know it. I'm not necessarily looking forward to the warmer weather. Just the longer days, less rain and more sun. More hours to explore, my surroundings!



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