Episode 30 – “Pit Bulls Banned Again?”


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01:28 -This week is going to be a short one, shorter than usual, because for me the news has been either slow, not of interest to me, or beyond my scope of knowledge.

-For example with England voting to leave the European Union.

-That's definitely beyond my scope of knowledge.

-Sure I could learn and ask questions but at this point in time, beyond the basics, I don’t have the time to learn more.

-I just hope that things do not turn violent and that this is as peaceful a transition as possible for all parties.

-Whether they, you voted to stay or go.

02:04 - “Surrey to consider pit bull ban after latest attack”

-A 65-year-old woman in Surrey, BC Canada was attacked by a pit bull.

-She sustained serious injuries to her arm.

-I hope and pray that she recovers fully and does not have any lasting physical or physiological issues from the attack.

-The dog has been euthanized.

-The mayor of Surrey, Linda Hepner would like the city’s dog by-laws re-examined.

-Although there have not been that many dog attacks in, for any breed.

-Not just Pit Bulls alone, in Surrey.

-I personally do not believe in banning breeds.

-I believe in banning owners with known histories of abuse, dog fighting rings or of course one of my many detestable pet peeves, backyard breeders.

-In my home province of Ontario, they banned pit bulls, in 2005.

-Pit bulls are banned or restricted, in various areas of BC, not all of them.

-I will leave a link so you can check it out, if you wish. Would I have any dog in my home, with an unknown history around my children?

-No, but that’s just common sense.

-A dog, any dog, that I raised under supervision around my children?


-I happen to love the big dog breeds.

-You know the Pit Bulls; the Rottweilers; The Dobermans; the Greyhounds.

-I like those big breeds.

-But you have to use common sense.

-If your dog is aggressive, you either need to get it under some training, or have it muzzled and/or leashed when out in public.

-Or when new people come to your home.

-But do I believe that banning a breed is going to make a difference?

-I don't know.

-Do you think banning breeds will help with dog attacks, or like the article from cbc.ca/new suggests will another breed take over the attacks, or does it depend on the owner?

-I'll leave links to that article.

04:35 - In Health News in Canada.

- “Assisted dying legislation faces new legal challenge in B.C.”

-Last week I spoke about Canada passing legislation to go forth in making assisted suicide, with the help of a physician, legal.

-But evidently only for those with a terminal illness.

-Sort of.

-People in BC want this legislation amended to include those “who are suffering with no immediate end in sight, said Grace Pastine, litigation director for the BCCLA.”

-They are fighting it because

-According to the Supreme Court of Canada those that:

-"Have a serious and incurable disease, illness or disability."

-In the new legislation that passed federally.

- "Be in an 'advanced state of irreversible decline,' with enduring and intolerable suffering."

-So according to the Supreme Court of Canada people without a terminal illness are included.

-But according to BC, if I'm reading it correctly or understanding it correctly, that could be a roadblock.

-And quite possibly is a roadblock for people who do not have a terminal illness.

-So they should be included.

-This should be an interesting and it will probably be a lengthy process.

-To make sure that everybody across the country is given the same rights, when it comes to their life.

-And in this case end of life.

-I'll leave articles to the cbc.css/news and to the parl.gc.ca.

06:53 - So this is going to be a short one this week.

-I am already at What I’m Grateful for this past week.

-I'm grateful that it's been super cool for the past few weeks.

-Because today, which I guess will be yesterday if you're listening to this Tuesday, when I post it up.

-It is heating up and I guess, we out here in the Vancouver, BC area will match Ontario's heat finally.

-I guess they've been roasting out there.

-So I'm sorry for everybody who's already sick of the heat, although I'm sure plenty of people are loving the heat.

-And would like it to roast on.

-So it's great for my patio garden, which is doing really well.

-Great that because it's going so well with the warm weather, that I'm able to harvest green onions, basil, thyme and rosemary so far.

-Are you gardening this year?

-Yard or patio?

-And what have you been able to harvest, so far?

-Pretty simple this week.

-I'm grateful that we've been able to sustain some coolness up until today.

-Also I just wanted to add.

-Keep cool everyone.

-Drink plenty of water.

-Stay out of the sun, in the middle of the day if you can.

-I know that’s not always possible, depending on what you do for work.

-And please keep your pets indoors, if you can.

-Shade and water if they stay outside.

-Keep your pets at home and cool, not in the car, while you run errands, please.

-Because I know a lot of people.

-I've seen a lot of stories inn the US and in Canada.

-People have lost their patience, with seeing pets and children in cars.

-They will bust out your windows, if a pet or child is left unattended, in the heat, of your vehicle.

-So don't come out cussing anybody if your window is busted out, because your pet or your child has been left in.

-Leave your pet's at home.

-Take your kids into the store.

-It's not worth it.

-In five minutes, you'd be surprised how much damage can be done.

-In five minutes.

-It doesn't take long.

-Especially when their bodies are so little.

-Thank you for tuning in to Episode 30 of My Views, Extended.

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-Till next time, this is Nadia.

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