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Welcome to Episode 2 of My Views, Extended

I’m your host Nadia

And thank you for coming back

I just wanted to share a few things that are going through my mind

What I saw and thoughts on them

If you have children, I would say under the age of 12 and Santa is coming this Christmas I would fast forward for the next several minutes because we are going to be talking about Santa Claus

So fast forward and that’s all I’m going to say as a warning

Fast forward if you have children under 12

It is the Christmas season um, for those of you who celebrate Christmas for religious reasons or just traditional reasons

Whatever your reason it is the, we are in the midst of the getting ready for Christmas and

I just wanted to share a story that I had growing up

Um, because I'm going through the malls and the shopping centres and I'm seeing all of the Santa Claus stations and the kids lining up to get their pictures taken with Santa and every year it brings me back to the same thing of what we grew up, my sister and I, what we grew up with and

That is we did not grow up believing in Santa Claus

Um, are mom just, she never did the Santa Claus thing

Um, nor did she do the tooth fairy, myth

And I was little, I don't remember how small I was

I don't know if I was 8 or 9

And I believe I remember

Asking her just paraphrasing. I don't remember the exact words.

But I remember asking

"Why didn't you have us believe in Santa Claus?"

She basically said that "she wasn't going to let some fat old white man, take the credit for her hard work".

And that wasn’t said in a racist way that was just said very factually

She went out to work every day and all those presents under the tree, were because she went out to work

And that's how they got there

She wasn't letting anybody else take the credit for that

I know a lot of other people would probably be upset or feel like "how mean"

But my sister and I talked about this many times over the years and we were never upset that she didn't let us believe that there was a Santa Claus.

It just never, it was never there and we didn't feel betrayed or hurt

Um, we were okay with not knowing

I also remember going to Christmas parties, her work Christmas parties and they would have, you know the Santa Claus there

And so everyone would bring their children or grandchildren and all the kids were lining up

But me and my sister were like we don't really want to take a picture with Santa Claus because there is no Santa Claus

It was ridiculous, it's stupid, I don't really want to do it

But everyone was like

"your know going to take a picture with Santa Claus?'

And were like " oh god"

Okay so they kept bugging us and bugging us

"okay fine"

So we just begrudgingly went up and took our picture with Santa Claus and I remember, we just did it to basically humour the adults

They probably thought that we actually believed in it and um, there's actually a picture

I don't know if I can find it

It’s where we're kind of leaning against Santa Claus, on either side and our faces are like

'Oh my gosh"

They just like the, you could just see it in our body language, in our faces, that we really didn't want to take the picture with Santa but we just did it to shut everybody the heck up.

So, anyways do you guys, um, did you grow up believing in Santa Claus?

If you have kids do you believe in Santa Claus and what do you think about people who didn't grow up with the Santa Claus myth?

And I don't have children, and If I ever have kids um, I'm going to be honest, I'm probably not going to do that either

I, listen if that's what you want to do, that your business but I don't

I'm not going to do that tradition of Santa Claus, myth.

If they want to take pictures with a Santa, I guess but, no Santa doesn't bring it to your house and that's okay

And I just want to clarify my mom wasn't a scrooge

We did the whole holidays, we did the food and the presents and the tree and lights on the house

And they had plenty of Christmas holiday parties, so there was, not being a Scrooge at all we did everything but that aspect of it

Ad I perfectly fine with it and I never thought anything, you know, I didn't think badly of her and her choice to not have us believe in that

Another thing, this is going to sound so scroogy and I promise I'm not

The elf on the shelf

I guess you’re going to have to fast-forward if you have elf on the shelf with your children too

Oh goodness

Elf on the shelf,


That's creepy

Elf on the shelf

And he moves mysteriously during the night

And he's watching you

It's not bad enough that Santa's watch you? Now elf on the shelf is watching you and?

Again if you want do that, it's your business, it's your household, it's your kids but I'm not doing that nonsense

And I'm not contributing to that nonsense

I just change the subject or just don't participate in the conversation when it comes to the children and the Santa Claus and elf on the shelf

Because I'm not lying, I'm not going to tell them the truth because that's not my job but I'm certainly not going to contribute to the lies and the myth

Sorry and Ii promise I'm not a Scrooge like our apartment is full of holiday decorations

And we do presents and holiday meals and Christmas meals

And I love the holiday time um, but yeah

I can't do the lies

I just wanted to take a moment in this episode to um, basically do a little RIP for Scott Weiland

He's a former lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots and a few other bands

But that was the band that I know him from and remember him from

One of the founding members

And writers in STP

He died Dec 3rd 2015 this year and wow

I'm gonna preface this saying I’m a big celebrity follower

Their normal people like everyone else just more people happen to know them then know us regular people

But um, I just wanted to mention that um, it's sad that he is gone,

Its' sad that his children have lost a father

Yeah I feel really bad for the kids

That they don't have their dad to be with them on their life journey

It's just really sad.

Their music was a backdrop to many, many years of my life

Good and bad

I know a lot of other music lovers can attest to, you know

Whether it's a singer or a band or several

That their music comforted them and got them through many periods in their life

Stone Temple Pilots, their music definitely did that for me

So I just wanted to say rest in peace to him

I hope he gets some piece, finally and um, and prayer goes out to his kids and I think he was married again

I'm not positive

Yeah, it's sad and um, mental illness and drugs and whether it was natural causes or whatever it was Ii don't know, I'm not going to say.

Thank you for the great music that got me through many good and bad points in my life

Do you have any favourites, STP songs?

I would have to say that for me, probably my favourite album from them is 'Number 4"

And my, oh gosh, I have a lot of songs

Probably a lot of the songs that people know

Plush, Creed, Sour Girl, Down, Church On Tuesday,

I love that album

Sex and Violence, Glide, I got You, EC5, Atlantic, Interstate Love Song,

Yeah there's just so many songs

I don't have a favourite but um, and I'll probably try and link the video, one of my favourite videos of them on to my blog

Just so you can see, watch, enjoy their song from the past

It's kind of amazing how music can be a backdrop to your life

It can, you know, assist you in your misery

It can help you celebrate the best moments of your life

It can sooth you

It can put you to sleep

It can wake you up

Music has the amazing ability to do so many things in your life

And it's actually, as I' thinking about that, it's really unfortunate that I really don't get to listen to music that much these days

I don’t know a lot of the newer artists

There was a point where all I listened to was music because I didn't have or if I don't have cable

Yeah I would listen to music

If I was awake I was listening to music

I just don't do that anymore

So it kind of, it's weird but when a musician dies I kind of and I start listening back to their music

Like I was listening to a lot of their music while I was making these show notes,

It's kind of interesting how you,

"Oh I haven't listened to this for so long"

"Why didn't I listen to music anymore?"

So it kind of reminds me that I do need to listen to music, and it doesn't necessarily have to be you know sad music or in memorium

Just listen to music and let it take you where it's going to take you

On a lighter note I wanted to share some of the Christmas shopping experiences that I've had

I always forget and the same thing happens every year but I always forget

You know people get really crazy when their out shopping

People are just short-tempered and there cranky

And they push people

And you know that's just the consumers

You know forget the people who are actually working in the stores, because that's a different topic all together

But people in general are really rude so

Last night I was at a Christmas Fair

And we're walking around, I was with 2 friends and we're walking around and it was crowded but you know, you kind of pull your body and make room for people passing

You’re going on one side and people are coming in the other direction to leave

Apparently I didn't make myself small enough

This lady, kay you know how you have a baby and you have them on your hip and your elbow is around their bum and legs and body holding them

Oh my gosh, this lady used her baby to elbow me out of the way

Now I can be a harsh person at times

I'm getting better but even I wouldn’t use my baby as battery armour

Like who does that?

She literally took her baby and her elbow and pushed, elbowed me out of the way

With a good force that my friend who was walking behind me, even she saw it

Who does that?

Now I really want to know, is this mom, is this part of the rude Christmas, crazy Christmas shopping that occurs everywhere?

Or is this just this mom?

And I want to know is anyone else experiencing the crazy, you know rude shoppers and consumers

Other people who are kind of, you know acting not very well in public

It's just interesting to me um, yeah


And she walked really fast cause normally if something like that happened I might have said something

But she was like, walking fast so I'm assuming she did it on purpose and walked really fast so I wouldn't have a chance to turn around and confront her

But yeah, 2 factors

It was super busy in there

And she was really quick, she was gone

But it's like

Yeah normally I would have been like

"Excuse me or wow thanks for using your baby to batter me out of the way'

But she was quick and she was gone

You don’t have to call people out all the time but sometimes people need to called out on their really cruddy behaviour

And um, if the circumstances were a little different I Definitely think she would be one of those people to be called out because that was just ridiculous

Anyways that is going to be it for today’s episode

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or SoundClound.

Or on my website

All of the links will be in show notes

And um, that is it for My Views, Extended Episode 2

This is your host Nadia

See you later Bye!

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