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01:48- In Shortages News this week:

01:50 - Gas and petrol shortages in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

I didn't think that this was ever going to be a problem, but here we are.

You expect it in 2nd and 3rd world countries but you don't expect it in, 1st world, western countries.

Petro-Canada stations, which is a subdivision of Suncor, in Winnipeg.

They are running out of gasoline.

I mean completely out of gas.

Signs are up, out of gas.

Gas stations are temporarily closed.

The gas shortage is affecting not only Winnipeg but parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC, and Ontario.

Some causes of the shortages are of course.

The fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta and an unplanned outage at an Edmonton refinery.

I don't know much about the gas industry so I guess I'm going to have to take their word on that.

Do you store gasoline for instances like this?

or just in case it's late and you live in a small town and gas stations close early?

Do you drive less to conserve what you have, in time of gas shortages?

Or do you just fill up and drive as usual, hoping that the shortage will end soon?

I personally don't drive. I don't have a car so I don't know.

I'm okay with that.

I'm self reliant without a car.

I mean of course a car would be lovely, it's going to happen someday but I'm okay with my feet. My bike and with public transport.

So yeah what do you do, when it comes to gas shortages?

Have you ever lived through a gas shortage before?

How long did it go on for?

Yeah, did you just have to hoof it?

In time of gas shortages.

03:26- In Environmental News

This past Sunday, 16 temperature records were broken across BC, Canada.

This shouldn't be news because the weather as been pretty haphazard and out of sorts for the last, I would say, 20-ish years.

Give or take a little bit.

And that's definitely all over the globe.

I mean even in countries where it's hot, the majority of the country is hot, like parts of India.

Where a regular day is 40 degrees Celsius.

That's normal.

Even there, they're getting temperatures of 50 degrees, plus Celsius, I believe.

If I remember it going that high.

In other parts of the world, where it's hot but it's getting even hotter.

Where they're literally dropping.

Where they're having drought and even people who are born in those hot climates can't even take it.

So that's definitely a global phenomena.

It's interesting you know, this weather is so crazy, you know it's raining where it hardly rains.

There's drought where drought was once a rarity, where you, know.

Certain countries and cities, especially in Vancouver, the BC area are known for the greenery and lushness and beautiful green forests and just lushness all around and we are getting major droughts.

Since I moved here, last year, that was a drought last year.

It's looking like another drought this year.

Yeah, droughts were once a rarity.

You know fires are spreading and they're out of control in more places.

They're spreading, lasting for longer, because there's no rain.

Places where snow is falling in Spring and not just a little sprinkle.

Like, one or two feet of snow.

Heat waves at times of year, when the leaves have already dropped for the season.

And you're still being able to wear shorts and bbq.

Mother nature is a mess and these heat waves and droughts are definitely a testament to that.

A few of the places that had record temperatures, broken records were.

Lytton, excuse me if I mispronounce it, I'm new to this province.

They had a high of 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Kamloops had a high of 36 degrees Celsius.

Princeton had a high of 38.5 degrees Celsius, just to name a few.

In the Vancouver area, where I live, we had a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius.

Which is not a record breaking temperature but it's hot enough and I thought I Ieft these 31 degree Spring and Summers behind in Ontario.

But apparently they have followed me here, yeah.

No it's not a yeah, yuck.

So anyway, no broken records where live, but definitely above my comfort level.

You know when it's this hot I definitely, if I have errands to run, appointments to go to, I do them or make the appointments for first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Or evening, even.

Because I think it's already getting to be, I think 9 or 9:30 before the sun sets and anyway, I definitely prefer to do that in the morning because I'm turning into an old lady and I Iike to be in my pajamas by 8 or 8:30.

And I'm not ashamed to say that.

So anyway, I'm not a fan of going out when it's hot like that so.

So yeah, the events are ramping up for the year, I think there was a couple things going on this past weekend but, yeah I'm not in any mood to go frying in the heat just to see a festival or whatever.

I just, I can't do that if I don't have to.

Like last year I had to, when I was on my housing search, my very quick housing search.

When I moving out here.

I came and there was a heat wave, and I had no choice but to go out in the heat and sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, everyday.

But that was an emergency, otherwise if it's not an emergency forget it.

I hate the heat and that's that.

I remember my first heat wave in Ontario.

I think I was in elementary school and people were actually, it was on the news.

It was a big deal because people were able to, in Ontario, in other parts of the world like I said, it's normal.

But in Ontario people were actually able to crack an egg and fry the egg on the sidewalk or in your driveway or on top of your car.

I just thought it was so amazing but I didn't fry the egg because my mother would have killed me for wasting an egg.

But yeah I remember going outside in this heatwave and just standing in that oppressive heat and being amazed at the power of it and being amazed at how quiet the streets were.

There was nobody on the streets, that's how hot it was.

People were either at the beach, or in their house with their air conditioner, ramped up.

Like the streets were dead.

Even there weren't any birds, there was no flies buzzing.

It was just so quiet, it was really kind of surreal, odd, weird, however you want to say it.

There was just heat, and silence, it was weird.

But I definitely remember my first heat wave, around that elementary school time.

Wow, the heat can make people run.

Anyway, I looked at looked up at the sky, looked around, I was over it and I went back inside.

Back then it was always hot it wasn't humid, like we have now.

I don't remember when the humidity started to intensify.

You know you had the heat and the humidity but it was years ago.

Probably maybe 15 years ago?

That the heat, as long as it got to a certain temperature the humidity just cranked up.

Obviously depending on how close you are to water, that made it worse.

But yeah Ontario is just a swamp now.

Maybe it's always been like that, I don't know.

People who are older than me.

I always remember it being swampy, for the most part, for most of my life.

You know you sweat and the sweat just sits on top of your skin and there's a coating, of sweat on your skin.

Like that kind of swampy heat.

I've noticed in BC it kind of goes on and off.

Like sometimes it's just hot and other times it's hot and humid but at least I'm used to it.

I don't like it but at least I'm used to it.

So yeah BC.

When the humidity rises I hibernate even more.

09:35- Cost of Vegetables is Still Rising in Canada.

Which is bad news because people are already buying less produce, because of the higher costs.

I am included in that group of people.

Causes of the higher produce costs are the drought in California and exchange rates.

I'm sure there are other causes but those are I believe are the two major ones.

I think that this could be remedied or the majority of it could be remedied if we bought locally and of course if more food that was grown in Canada, was actually kept in Canada.

That would actually help.

And I know I'm not the only one.

Why are we seeing the majority of our produce coming from the US?

When we have an abundance of farmland and food here in Canada.

Like we have a lot of farmland.

Working farmland and most of our food is going outside of Canada, instead of staying in Canada and then we're importing food from the US.

Produce from the US.

That's' makes no sense to me.

You know, but I guess leaving food on the shelf is one of the only ways that many of these grocers are going to start bringing in more local food.

I know it's a larger issue but leaving food on the shelf and when they see (the grocer) that people are not buying it, I think that it's a start.

If an item is out of my budget I leave it in the store.

I'm not paying $8 for a head of cauliflower, and I really love cauliflower.

You can do a lot with cauliflower.

You can eat it cooked, you can eat it raw.

You can make relatively carb free pizza crust with cauliflower.

You can do a lot with cauliflower.

But there it is, $8 a head, I'm not buying it though.

I think another thing we can, that would help with our produce costs, fruits and vegetables is buying in season.

And I know this sucks because it often means we can't enjoy out favourite items, all year round.

You know unless your lucky enough to live in a place that's pretty much one or two seasons.

Like some places in California or Nevada, yeah I'll use those two states.

If you live in a 3 or 4 climate season, you're going to have to have to pretty much to keep costs down, for the most part, not always.

You're going to have to shop for what is grown in season and farmer’s markets are also a great alternative to grocery stores, if you can.

I know a lot of places, you don't have farmer’s markets or they're not easily accessible, that's another way to shop in season and keep your food costs down.

Because you're just buying from the farmer and you're not having to pay the farmer and pay the grocer.

The grocer obviously has to pay his employees, so he has to bump the costs up.

Anyway I would like to know, people who are on a budget or if you're thrifty, what do you do?

Do you leave produce on the shelf?

Or do you buy regardless of price?

Or do you switch to frozen or canned foods, produce, until the prices come down?

Or there is a sale and then you stock up and then freeze, um, freeze at home.

Can at home.

What do you do?

Food is expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

We as the consumer, I think we definitely have more power than we think we do.

Our dollar has more power than we think it does.

12:45 -In Medical News:

Blood test detect onset of Alzheimer’s”

“Researchers from the National Institute on Aging used blood samples from 174 participants.

Of these 174 participants 70 had Alzheimer’s, 20 had diabetes and 84 were healthy."

They found that the participants who had Alzheimer’s had higher amounts of the inactive form of IRS-1 (a single protein in the brain).

And lower amounts of the active form than adults who were healthy.

Basically this blood test lets doctors diagnose Alzheimer’s 10 years before it’s onset.

The blood test is “able to predict the onset of dementia within a year with 87% accuracy.” According to this research.

And that's great news.

If you know that it's coming.

First of all, we have time.

Time for research to get better and hopefully find a cure, and if not halt it where it is to prevent it from coming on.

Or halt it in it's progression.

Even if we can't get rid of it, because I don't know how close we are, how close the researchers are, how close science is.

But if you're diagnosed with it and you can halt it, with medication, and therapy.

And you can still live an independent life, whether it's keeping your job.

If you're retired, just being able to live out your retirement in a healthy manner.

Mentally and physically.

Being able to enjoy your loved ones, friends.

Be a participant in society and social, whatever your social activities are.

That is amazing and I just hope that testing and research and medication gets on this and we can figure out, now that we know, for the most part.

What causes it, how we can diagnose who is going to get it.

Treatment is just going to improve and people's quality of life will not deteriorate with time.

14:54- Cancer treatment, when do you stop treatment & just make yourself comfortable?

At the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Annual meeting, the discussion of end of life treatment plans was had.

“The new study, with patients under 65, is an analysis of health claims data involving more than 28,000 cancer patients who died between 2007 and 2014.

Their end-of-life treatment included hospitalizations, chemotherapy and invasive procedures.

Fewer than one in five patients received hospice care.”

Fewer than 1 in 5.

That is a huge number.

Who were basically not kept comfortable their last days, weeks, months.

That is what hospice care is about.

For the family and definitely of course, number 1, for the patient.

What are the causes?

What are the causes that so many people are literally having treatment, whether its medication.

A combination of medication, radiation, more chemotherapy, surgery.

Literally until their last days.

Do patients and their families want to fight with modern medicine to the end?

Do the patients not want to give up because their loved ones want them to continue to fight?

Guilt I believe is a huge factor in the equation.

It's unfortunate that guilt would be part of this whole equation at such a precious and critical time, but it can and does.

Guilt on the part of the patient.

Guilt on the part of the family members.

Guilt on the part of the medical staff.

Do doctors insist on using another treatment one more time?

Is there a god-like syndrome, complex at play?

Or if they don’t do as much as they can, do they fear being sued by the family?

If people knew that this was the end, how many would just say I want to go home.

Or into hospice care, make me as comfortable as possible.

I think that it's important to have these conversations with your loved ones before you get sick.

Of course after you get sick, no matter what type of illness.

No one wants to think about death and sickness plans but when you or your loved ones are facing the end that, in my opinion, is the worse time.

So I think you should talk about it before.

Of course plans can change once you are in the thick of an illness.

But to have something in mind or even have it in writing is a great start.

Whether you use that plan or not.

I personally have had my plans, about myself, in case of sickness or injury.

I've had this done, I mean hashed out, spoken with close family and I do this at least once a year, so I know that they remember my plan.

And if they can't or don't want to follow it, let me know so I can find someone else to support me in case of accident, injury, or illness.

And that's okay not everyone wants to talk about it.

You may have to go outside of your family and find a close friend but it should always be spoken about.

It's okay if you don't want to have that conversation with somebody who is preparing their plan.

But you as a person, whether you're sick now or are planning for the future, I think everybody needs to have that plan.

Tragedy is hard and not everyone can handle facing a loved one's imminent death but that's part of life.

There's a lot of nasty, horrible, yucky, weird, uncomfortable things that we have to deal with and face.

And through experience I know how I would want things to go for myself, going forward.

And hopefully because going through experiences with going through losing a loved one from cancer and how that plan wasn't really hashed out.

And everything was very last minute, I hope that I can definitely be a help to somebody in the future and definitely a help to myself.

Because things can be a lot better, it's gonna suck when they die.

It's horrible but being prepared makes things go a lot smoother.

So you can get on with the process of grieve and life.

What do you think about having a health plan if the worst happens?

Not just with yourself but discussing it with your doctor?

Would you change doctors if one doesn't want to help in that way?

If they just want to keep doing treatments instead of saying, listening to you as a patient, saying enough is enough?

Health plans, death, sickness, cancer.

In the end it's always about the what is best for the patient.

It's not about, completely about, you.

Or the doctor.

It's about the patient and making the end of their life journey the best that it can be.

19:44- What I'm Grateful For This Week:

That I'm over being an Introvert.

Not over that I want to change it, I'm over being guilty about being an introvert.

I love my me time.

I love alone time.

Me time with no work or obligations.

It's how I energize my spirit.

Whether it's reading a book, watching a show.

Watching a movie, going for a walk.

Just sitting in nature.

Being in public on a daily basis is draining and it takes a lot of energy, that I personally can't afford to give up at this time.

And I really don't want to.

Really I'm good with going to an event, or socializing once a month.

To me the cashier when I do my weekly shop, is plenty of interaction.

I know other introverts can empathize with me.

It's not you, it's just me and I'm okay with that.

20:30- Thank you for tuning in to Episode 26 of My Views, Extended.

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