Episode 27 – “Mass Shooting, For What?”


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00:28- Welcome & Introduction

01:40- Updates:

Unfortunately this is not a good update.

Well, I guess it can be.

There is hopefully going to be some resolution in the Tim Bosma murder trial, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Tim Bosma was murdered by 2 people after going for a test drive in a vehicle that they wanted to purchase.

A vehicle of his.

He was murdered.

So it's been 4.5 months and the jury has finally begun deliberation.

Tim Bosma he was murdered in 2013, May 6th, 2013.

His murder, left behind a wife and a daughter and of course parents, siblings and friends.

People in the community.

So far the 2 people, and I'm purposely not saying their names, because I don't believe that we need to put a name to people who do such heinous acts.

They have both pleaded not guilty in this trial.

The jury has been instructed by Justice Andrew Goodman, that "You shall not internalize the victimization of this crime in the evidence.

And the only way jurors can find them guilty of first-degree murder is if the Crown had successfully proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Bosma's death was planned and deliberate.

And the jury cannot return a verdict of first-degree murder by virtue of the 2 accused unlawfully confining Bosma.”

So now we, the public and the family and friends, we have to wait for the jury to make their judgement.

We don't know if it's going to be over days or weeks.

Just praying that these 2 people will be found guilty and put away for the remainder of their miserable, disgusting lives.

And while Tim Bosma's family will never be the same, hopefully they'll get some peace, knowing that these 2 people are put away and are serving somewhat of a justice, for taking away their family member.

I'll leave a link to the cbc.ca/news story and if you want to learn more about what happened and how the trial has been going along.

You can just put in Tim Bosma and you'll be able to find a little more of a back story about how it came to be.

03:48- I just wanted to take a minute to, unfortunately talk about the mass murder, shooting in Orlando, Florida.

This weekend.

49 people were killed and 53 people were wounded, when this shooting was done by an American born Muslim man.

And who knows if the number will rise over the coming days and weeks.

I believe that's what some of the doctors, treating them have said.

It's likely that it will rise.

I guess a lot of people are in critical condition and unfortunately you don't know how things can change overnight.

People can pass away, suddenly from their injuries.

But hopefully we don't have any more deaths because of this.

This is now the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

It's just really sad.

The shooting was done by this man.

The only reason I said American born Muslim man was because it kind of makes a difference but it doesn't make a difference.

To me Muslim and terrorist they are two different things.

There are terrorists of anything.

Whether you are religious or not.

A terrorist is a terrorist, he just happens to be from a Muslim background.

He did an act of terror.

That's what I feel, I'm not arguing about that.

Um, he was a terrorist.

I don't even like saying, because I don't personally, I have not met any Muslims who were terrorists.

I guess they wouldn't tell me, but I've only met peaceful ones.

Friends family.

I have a personal history with the religion.

I don't hang around with terrorists.

I don't hang around people who have such extreme thinking so, I don't know.

He was a terrorist, so let's just leave it at that.

There are terrorists around the world, I just.

It's just troubling and it's sad that people can't even go out and enjoy themselves.

It was Saturday night and they were going out to enjoy themselves on the weekend.

I'm assuming like most of us, if you're into the club thing/scene.

You're going out to enjoy yourselves and, let loose from a hard week and kind of relax again for the new week coming.

You just want to go to the club, have fun and just like that, 49 people to date are gone.

Because someone didn't approve of how people were just living their lives.

Who asked him, to go into the club?

I think his father has spoken in the news a said something about, he had been mad.

It had been weeks or months, or whatever, I don't really care how long it was, um, earlier he was mad because he had seen 2 men kissing in the street.


What does it have to do with you?

If you don't like to see 2 men or women kissing on the street turn away.

If you don't want to see it, that's fine.

If you don't agree with it, that's fine, I can't make people agree with other people's lifestyle.

Living their lives but to plan this because you don't agree with somebody's life.

It's really not that difficult.

No one is asking you to participate.

Nobody is asking you to watch it.

Move on.

You have nothing else in your life going on to sit there and you see it.

You see 2 people kissing and it stewing and boiling and your planning this.

You don't have anything else going on in your life?

If you don't like something, okay I don't like, dump it out of your head and move on.

But this fool chose to end people's lives, destroy families, because he felt like playing god.

Who gave him the right to decide when these people's lives were over?

And in cases like these, I really wish.

I know that the law enforcement had no choice, because I believe in the process he had taken people hostage and he was still killing people.

So they had no choice but to take him out because he was still killing people but at the same time I wish that they had taken him alive so that he would have to face the consequences.

So we could actually know why he chose to do this,

Not just from interviews with his father.

Interviews with his ex-wife.

Or interviews with his neighbours or co-workers.

When law enforcement take out these murderers and terrorist and whatever, I just wish that they would take them alive so that we could find out.

I guess even if they did take him alive, he didn't have to talk.

They can't force him to talk.

But I just wish that, if they were in a position to take him, without him continuing to take lives, i wish that they had done it.

But it's too late, I guess we can't wish, it's done.

I just hope that there's healing and I don't know.

Where do you begin to heal.

That's so many people, that have lost loved ones, friends, family, co-workers.

Where do you begin, what do you do?

Pray for the people who have been lost and pray for their families.

That everyday gets a little easier or them.

08:28- Onto other news.

I found an interesting story on cbc.ca/news.

It's about amateur video makers, specifically viral video.

Homemade viral video makers and how they can make money by working with certain media companies.

This was of interest to me because I am on a few platforms, an online creator.

With my blog and podcast and my cooking videos that I'm going to be putting up soon and my other writing things that are not online, currently.

I was interested because as an online creator, while I have no desire to make a viral video, at least, on purpose.

I don't know, most viral videos are not done on purpose, they just happen to be at the right thing, at the right time.

Or whatever.

I just currently, want to make consistent, great material that I can make a living with.

So this article is basically about media companies offering homemade creators shared fees, that “get collected when marketers, broadcasters and other websites pay to use the material.”

So the media company and the creator would share a fee. And what that fee is, percentage wise varies, depending on which media company you're working with and the contract that you sign.

Which you need to get a lawyer if your going to start signing contracts.

I don't care how little it is.

You should have a lawyer look it over even if it costs.

I'm not going to talk about fees, because that varies, depending on the country.

But definitely once you start signing contracts have a lawyer look it over.

Or at least a paralegal, if you can't afford a lawyer right away.

The unfortunate thing is many of these companies do not give credit where it is due.

Therefor not sharing the revenue that they receive.

Many creators are successful and go on to have a successful business with certain media companies.

They have a viral video and this is the perfect way for the world to be introduced to the other work that they have been creating for years and will continue to create.

But many do not.

Or it is a one-hit wonder.

I'm kind of working it out in my own mind.

I just don't know what to think about it.

This is new terrain, the online world, and it’s hard to know who to trust and who not to trust.

I’ve heard of horror stories but I’ve also seen huge successes, like people who work with Maker Studio, in the US, who was bought by Disney.

That’s definitely a success.

They seem to treat their people/clients well. Who knows, though, I’m not behind the scenes.

I’m still, like many other creators are still trying to figure this out.

Who to work with, who not to work with.

Contracts, legal things.

Sponsorships, brand deals.

I'm going to keep sharing this with everybody because I had and continue to have questions about this new world of business and I know I'm not the only one.

So as I have questions I will bring them up here and as I know things and learn things, I will continue to bring them up here.

I don't want to hide the difficulties or the successes of the online world, because I think the more people that do it, we have to be a little more transparent, in what is going on.

Not that you have to share your entire life or look at my bank account but just to share the trials and tribulations of making our way through this whole online world.

So yeah, viral videos you get your 15 minutes of fame and that's good enough for some.

Or hopefully that 15 minutes of fame leads people back to what you've been creating for the 5, 6, 7 years and they realize this person has something interesting to say.

Let me keep checking them out in whatever platform that is.

Whether it's YouTube videos or a blog or a podcast, whatever their doing.

Viral videos can be good, can lead to other things or can propel you to the next level that you need to get your business on track in making a living.

That's from cbc.ca/news.

13:06- I don't know if anybody's heard of the show.

I'm pretty sure there's quite a few countries that have this show.

The Canadian border agency stopped production of the reality TV show Border Security and quite frankly I’m surprised that it took as long as it did.

Apparently “the federal privacy commissioner found the agency violated the rights of a construction worker filmed during a raid in Vancouver.”

Have you ever seen that show?

I think there's one for the United States.

I don't know if there's one for Mexico.

I can't remember if there's one for Australia.

A few other countries, I don't know if there all ongoing still or if they have run their course.

They seem to violate all sorts of rights.

But what gets me is the fact that people sign off to have their faces shown on TV in the first place.

I don’t even want a blurred out face, voice changed version of myself on the show.

Especially living in the Vancouver area, you see signs that say filming is taking place today.

Just because there is a sign that says filming is taking place today, does not mean that I give permission to be on your show.

But to have a film crew right up in your face as your getting all these questions done, your suitcase is gone through.

Especially if I’m going through security, when I can’t pick and choose the line up.

I don't want to be on TV.

Not that I’m doing anything illegal but I don’t want to be on a reality show.

Especially one where they hope to catch people being ignorant, stupid or doing illegal activities for ratings.

Have you seen the other versions of the show?

The Australian border patrol is brutal.

The people try and they take so many chances.

I always wonder are you ignorant, or you just didn't know, you didn't read.

Or you know but you're going to try your luck anyways?

I guess every show has its season and I guess this is more than enough.

I always said if I'm at the airport don't even ask me.

I'm just going to shake my head no.

Don't even bother, I don't want to be in there.

So goodbye Border Security the Canadian version.

16:08- What I’m Grateful For This Week:

That I went out this weekend.

I guess I'll call it my monthly social outing.

Monthly is good enough.

I have no desire to go out every weekend.

I had a good time.

I went out to the Sapperton Day Street Festival, with some friends.

I had a really good time.

I was ready for a nap, my heating pad, joint liniment and Netflix, by the end of it.

Which I did, old lady style and no shame, because if I felt it, I wouldn’t be sharing it.

I went to the Sapperton Day Street Festival and it was okay, the company I kept was better though.

I really enjoy just going out and laughing and talking and people watching.

We did a lot of people watching and dog watching.

Friends and spending time with them is the point.

I still need to make it to the big Vancouver markets though.

I hear those have a lot more variation and more importantly, have more food trucks.

There are some big ones where there are something like 300 vendors, including food trucks.

So yeah, these ones that I've been to are definitely smaller but I want to go to a big one.

If I'm going to be up and on my feet for hours I want it to be a lot of stuff, almost overwhelming.

There's do much stuff, that's how I want it to be.

I was disappointed with the food trucks.

There was like 6 or 7, I counted.

I did get to try some, what were they?

Mini donuts, they were good, but they taste better of course hot.

And then I got this refreshing lemonade and then if you wanted to you could add some flavour shots of different.

Lime, strawberry, cherry etc.

For the festival part itself, probably, aside from the company was the lemonade and the dogwatching.

And it was actually pretty funny, mostly dogs.

I saw one cat, in an open carriage.

He was just lounging on his side, taking in the world.

Just chilling.

People watching himself.

There was this other lady and she had her dog in a front carrier.

Facing out.

He had on a jacket, he was a little something, a little breed.

He had sunglasses, in the goggle form.

And his 4 legs sticking straight out.

I was like oh boy.

I thought I babied my cat.

I was like lady put the dog on the ground.

Unless the dog is super old or disabled all 4 feet should be on the ground.

Walk the dog!

That's all I'm saying, walk the dog.

But yeah, I'm grateful that I went out and I enjoyed myself on my monthly outing.

And that will be out until next month, maybe because it's getting hotter and I don't enjoy myself in the middle of the day when its 35 degrees Celsius.

No thank you!

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