Episode 4

Episode 4

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Welcome to My Views, Extended

I'm your host Nadia

In this week, I just wanted to start off with a few updates

And I'm sorry for those of you don’t like animals or particularly don’t like cats but she's part of my life so...

I have to share this update

Um, her a month ago, a little over a month ago now, she went in for her yearly test and she came to have a lot of crystals in her urine

Which of course crystals can lead to blockages and stones and issues with her kidneys, so

Anyway we got that test result back, this past week and her urine is clear and looks really, really good

I think they were surprise with how good it looked and um,

So she's doing well and Ii guess for now we're going to continue on the food that she's on and yeah I'm just happy that she good

Her urines good and she wasn't showing any signs of distress

Or at least, yeah, she wasn't showing any signs of distress

She wasn't in pain or she's wasn't having problems urinating

So we obviously caught it early and I'm just really happy about that

So that is it for Kai the cat

I just wanted to expand a bit on Episode 3 where I discussed a discussed the murder of 15 year old Tina Fontaine

And I touched on the child welfare system, pertaining to Canada's Aboriginal communities and

I heard about it but I didn't really look into the numbers until recently

And the province of Manitoba has one of the highest number of children in care, in Canada

I'm just going to read some stats that I pulled from SooToday.com

And I will link some of the sources, that they used and you should take a look at them

I went and actually read some of the material and some of the sources are the



And that's actually about a little boy who was in the care system and suffered abuse and basically fell through the cracks

And the Manitoba government and the University of Manitoba, so again I will link those sources in my show notes


I'm just going to read some of stats

And they are from 2014

"10,293 children in care in 2014

— 57 per cent are permanent wards

— 87 per cent of the children in care are indigenous

— 22 per cent of all First Nations children end up in care at some point in their lives compared with slightly more than 1.5 per cent of non-indigenous children

— Indigenous families are investigated for abuse or neglect at a rate four times higher than non-indigenous families

— Three per cent of infants in Manitoba are placed in care

— The province of Manitoba seizes an average of one newborn baby a day

— 45 per cent of apprehended newborns have developmental or addiction issues

— 7.5 per cent of all Manitoba children have been in care by the time they are seven years old

And those are stats from 2014 in the province of Manitoba in Canada

Now the group

What I wanted to talk about is instead of and not just what the Aboriginal communities want to do of course

Instead of taking children away from parents if they can

What can they do to keep the children, within their families?

"Family Group Conference (FGC). FGC involves members of the child's extended family and support network. Together they work to come up with a plan to support the parent and try to keep the child with relatives."

So even if you can't keep the child with their biological father or mother or both

At least keep them within their extended family


The http://www.childrensadvocate.mb.ca/

The http://www.phoenixsinclairinquiry.ca/

The Manitoba government and the University of Manitoba


And of course I will have all those links in the show notes

What is the solution for this growing problem?

This generational problem of children ending up in care?

And so far a really good solution seems to be

A solution for this ever expanding problem

What are solutions that can be used?

Currently a seemingly good solution is from the Maori in New Zealand

And this is from the Family Group Conferencing Centre,

Katie Murray is from New Zealand and she's a Maori

And she is currently visiting Canada and helping the Aboriginal communities in Winnipeg to figure out to implement their system

Keeping the children within their families

And forgive my pronunciation of this but it’s being implemented in Winnipeg's Ma Mawi Wi Itata (which translates to "we all work together to help one another" from Ojibwa)

And this is translated from the Ojibwa language

And it's Winnipeg's  Ma Mawi Wi Itata Centre

And again I'll leave a link for that

And basically what this is about is the Family Group Conferencing (FGC) involves members of the child’s extended family and support network

And together they work to come up with a plan to support the parent and try to keep the child with the relative

So even if the child is not with the one parent or both parents their blood relatives

And then being with relatives they cannot lose complete complete touch with one parent or both parents

With I think is an awesome solution

Now don't get me wrong a child who is on care

A loving stable home is better than no home or better than being bounced from foster home to foster home

But if you can keep a child within their family community

Their ethnic community or better yet within their own blood family why would you not try and do that?

Why would you not want them to not have that identity?

I don't know anybody who grew up outside of their own ethnic community, I don't know anybody who didn't ever question where am I from?

What are my people like?

They love their adoptive family or their foster family but there’s a piece of you that's missing if you didn't grow up around it

That's just normal, that's just human nature

I don't know how long Katie Murray is going to be in Canada?

But they’ve had really good success in New Zealand and hopefully they can really good success in Canada

They've already been doing something like that in Canada, I think for the last, I'm not too positive of the numbers

They've already been doing something like that but I guess they brought her to kind of

They want to bring somebody from a community where it's been working and being implemented and it's going really well

So any help that you can get from somebody else

And of course you know if you can have somebody with a proven track record

The government and the government funds will be allocated a little better and hopefully the child welfare agencies will be willing to implement them

Because again if you can have the communities working with, willing to work but if you don't have the government child care system wanting to work within the communities nothing is going to get done

Because the community child welfare office is in charge of what happens or what doesn't happen

So if we have to bring somebody like Katie Murray into help and get the money allocated to the right party

Then bring her in and keep her for as long as she's willing to stay.

I just think that it's a really great thing that she's willing to do and I will suggest that people go ahead and look at the some of those links that I will leave in the show notes

It's really interesting and I think that she was on the radio and you can hear a little bit of her interview and what they do over there and what they hope to do over here

I also wanted to talk a little bit about my hometown and what's going on there.

On January 1st 2013

In my home town of Sarnia Ontario,

27 year old elementary school teacher Noelle Paquette was murdered and her body was discovered January 2nd 2013

On December 18th 2015, this year, 22 year old man and a 34 year old woman

And again no names, have pleaded guilty to 1st degree murder

And this plea carries a life sentence with no eligibility for 25 years

And in case anyone was wondering we do not have the death penalty in Canada, it was abolished in 1976

And I’ll put a link to that in case you're interested in how that came about

The trial is finally scheduled for April 2016 and the case will not be heard in Sarnia, Ontario

They actually moved it, to Windsor Ontario

You know obviously because there's a lot of feelings and a lot of emotions

You want the trial to not be biased, you want it to be a fair trial, even though they have pleaded guilty to first degree murder

And I am just basically glad that things have finally started and hopefully there two will be put away for the rest of their lives

And that the start and hopefully short conclusion of the trial will bring some closure for Noelle's family and friends

I come from a relatively small, not tiny but it's smaller

A small enough, I think right now we're around 71,000 people

And we've never had a lot of murder or homicides, in my hometown

Especially by strangers

If there were murders homicides it was usually some kind of domestic

Something domestic that happened whether they knew each other

They were dating, they were married


It just didn't happen

It just wasn't strangers that came in and did that for the most part

And you know we might have had, I don't know maybe a homicide or murder once every 3 years, 4 years

We might have had a stretch of every 7 years

Something like that

That's how infrequently it happened

And it was a really big shock to our community and a really sad thing within our community

She was an elementary school teacher

And she was very much loved by her community and school and her family and friends

And she was one of those teachers that went the extra mile

To make sure that her students were taken care of and that regard of

You know if they needed school supplies

If they needed food

She was one of those teachers who would reach into her pocket and helped in those ways that she could

So I'm just happy that that's going to be starting soon and her family can hopefully get some peace of mind that these 2 people will be put away for rest of their lives

I'm going to leave a link to probably the news story and definitely a link to her foundation

It's called Noelle's gift

It was started by, I'm not sure if it was by her family and friends or the other or both but

And it's basically, the charity, I’ll just quote from it.

“The charity focuses on ensuring every student in Lambton County has the resources needed to thrive, including adequate nutrition, shoes and school supplies.”

So, yeah that is hopefully a conclusion to that story

And that brings me around to speaking of teachers and the amount of money that they spend for school supplies that are needed for their classroom

I’ve had and I'm sure you've had in the past teachers that I've spent their own money to top up school supplies purchased, rather school supplies not purchased by the school boards

Whatever the reason

But yeah, especially in elementary school

I find in the elementary school that's when you pretty much had those

I don't know about high school

There has been announced this past week and a promise that Justin Trudeau, are current Prime Minster was going to do

There is going to be an annual tax credit for school supplies purchased by teachers and educators

They can claim up to $1000 annually.

That is a lot of money and if you shop carefully and shop at the right time of year or go to the right places you can definitely get a lot of supplies for $1000.

But as great as this is the question has to come up,

Why are the school boards, the individual school boards, the individual schools not supplying the teachers with what they need for their classrooms?

Shouldn't the government fix the issue with funding, so that the teachers don’t have to reach into their pockets in the first place?

That's just a question I'm throwing out and I'd love to hear your opinions on it.

You know in the meantime it is still a good thing that they're going to get reimbursed, partially but let's fix it from the source so that's there's no need to be reimbursed

Even if they do have to spend their money maybe it's just at the end of the year

"You've been an amazing class and I'm going to throw a little party"

And you buy you know a case of pop and some cake and that's the only reason, you know, that your spending out of your pocket is for celebration at the end of the year

SO let me know your thoughts on that

What I'm reading

The reading is not going as well as I'd like it to

I love to read but time is short unfortunately and by the end of the night

You know my eyes are on fire because I’m starring at a computer screen, well all day long, pretty much

And burning eyes do not make for happy reading

So I'm still reading City of the Dead by Daniel Blake

And it's a suspense novel and I have to be honest

I don't think I've gotten past, the fourth or fifth page, I believe

Which is really sad because I love to read

I just don't have, right now I just don't the time and if I do have the time I end up pretty much watching a DVD, or listening to an audiobook

Because I don't really feel comfortable just sitting down and doing nothing or sorry not doing nothing

Or I really don't feel comfortable just sitting down and doing one thing

That's why I kind of, I tend to do a lot of podcasts or audiobooks

Which is why I love services like audible.com

You know you can listen to, I could probably listen to City of the Dead and then be doing something else at the same time

It's really hard, not that I've lost my love of reading it's that I just feel guilty about sitting down and doing one thing when I know there's other things to do

Or I could probably even, instead of eating breakfast and going through my emails,

I could probably have breakfast and at least sit down and read one chapter of a book

Anyway so hopefully,

I hope by the end of the year or at least the beginning of the year I can get through I can get through city of the Dead

And hopefully come back and share how god or not so good it was

A little amendment to Christmas

I said last episode that we were probably, my sister and I are probably going to go to the movies and then just chill out for the rest of the day

But I checked out what's playing at the cinemas and around the Vancouver area and its Star Wars and some other movie

Something with the Hateful 8 or something with 8 people

A lot of violence

Anyway it didn't look very fun

So we'll probably end up, I have DVD’s at home

And some Christmas DVD’s so it will probably be a mix of those DVD’s and then something that we can rent from a service like iTunes and just a mix of movies all day long

Which is not probably a bad thing

Because when I think about it by the time of finished cooking and chilling and eating Ii don't really want to have to go out

There's going to be more options later on in the year, so anyway it'll be fine

I'm not too disappointed, although I do miss watching movies on the big screen because it's just a different experience

Speaking of the movie experience

I think some places in like LA, New York, I don’t know about in Canada, if they have them

Probably in some place like Toronto would have them

Where you can go to the movies and have dinner. I want to do that

When I'm at home, I don't just eat snack food or popcorn, really when I’m at home

I like to have dinner while I'm watching a movie and just take your time

Get your dinner ready and just eat

I want like real food, so I’d love to have an experience like that

Staying home on Christmas day and watching movies and having dinner and dessert is not gonna be a bad thing after all

You know what?

If we don't like it, we can always change and do something different for 2016 Christmas

And this week, obviously I think I'm going to have to do my what I'm Grateful For, is gonna have to be from the past week

Because obviously this is the start to a new week, that I'm uploading this podcast

So what I'm grateful for this past week, is that, what I mentioned at the top of the show, is Kai's urine test coming back clear and crystal free

And she's super healthy

Her teeth are a little bit of a mess but we're working on that

But yeah she's healthy and her kidneys are functioning and healthy so

That is my grateful for this past week

Thank you so much for tuning in to Episode 4 of My Views, Extended

Thank you for tuning in to Episode 4 of My Views, Extended

I would love to hear feedback, comments on what you think of this podcast and the topics that I’ve discussed. You can listen to My Views, Extended at nadiadonella.com.

Sound Cloud and YouTube.

I will leave links in the show notes.

As more listening platforms are added, I will let you know. Have a great week, an amazing Christmas holiday, for those that celebrate.

Till next time.

This is Nadia.

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