Episode 40 – “Positive Life”


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There’s been a lot in the news but wrapping my brain around it has not been an easy task so I’m going to stick to what comes easily this week.

It happens to us all and I’m okay with it.

01:25 -Health update.

Going in for x-ray and blood test results, this week.

I was not happy to get a call, because if it was nothing my doctor and most doctors would not call you in.

Hopefully I’m not dying and if there is a problem it can be fixed or managed.

More on that in a week or two.

01:59 - Canada now prescribing heroin?

“Pharmaceutical-grade heroin can be prescribed under a special-access program in cases where traditional treatment has failed”

Apparently this supervised treatment is more effective than methadone.

Which I think is the common treatment for most Western countries.

This heroin therapy is already in use in other countries including, “Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, and a clinical trial in Canada”

British Columbia health minister said, this kind of program

"It indicates a willingness on behalf of the federal government to look at a health-based kind of an issue rather than a criminal-based issue and that they're not limiting the range of treatment options that are available because there isn't one size that fits all in these situations.''

“Unfortunately this treatment will not be an option for most people.”

This is interesting conversation to be had and I look forward to seeing how it plays out in the healthcare system, in Canada & if crime rates go down & if deaths related to addiction also goes down in numbers.

Time will tell.


03:40 - My thoughts on the #makeitawkward hashtag Started after “after a viral video showed someone hurling a racist slur on a city street.

Actor and former high-jump champion Jesse Lipscombe, who is black, was filming a public service announcement this week when he was hit with the verbal assault.”

Of course the man in the car denied it when confronted and the driver raced away.

I wish I could have confronted the people who have verbally assaulted me over the years but like the cowards they are, they always were in some sort of vehicle that was in motion.

Isn’t it terrible that we remember with great detail the horrible things that were done or said to us throughout our entire lives but are often hard-pressed to remember the good, in that same time period?

I always say that I can’t remember anything from my childhood but I can recall in detail a lot of the bad including verbal racist remarks.

The human brain is an interesting thing.

06:00 - Today, September 13 is, Positive thinking day.

I know there are a million days out there but I like this one so why not?

I’ve had to become a positive thinker because I spent the first part of my life, not being one.

Positive thinking day is a day to set aside negative thoughts and see the world with the glass half full mentality.

In the past I was definitely a glass half empty person.

How to enjoy the day.

I’ll just read a few of them.

-“Make a conscious decision not to put yourself down every time you do something wrong.”

That negative self talk is a hard one but it needs to be done, through words, or lack of and through thought.

I believe our mental thoughts to ourselves are just as powerful as what we verbalize.

- “Do something nice for yourself, a loved one or a stranger “Doing good deeds can help increase levels of optimism.”

I can agree with this because by doing something for other, especially if they are in need, it helps you to realize that no matter how crappy you feel, there is always someone who is worse off.

Knowing that you can make a difference can give you the confidence that you are worthy, you are important in the world.


I have to say that this doesn’t always work for me but most of the time it does.

Even if you walk down the street looking like a grinning fool.

Even if you smile and get a scowl back, which I have gotten.

But you know what, those scowls made me smile even bigger.

And I thought to myself, at least I’m not that miserable or sad today.

It could be worse.

But the best part is when you get a surprised look and a smile back.

Even a conversation.

Two possible positives with a smile.

You can check out the website, link in the show notes, for more ideas.

Which takes me to…

09:27 - Quote, Saying or Thought of the Week.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning” -Albert Einstein

It took me a long time to do this and I still have to remind myself of this on a regular basis.

Learn from yesterday, which I think we should all do this.

What’s the point of living if we haven’t learnt something from it?

Live for today.

I love this part because I have to do this more.

I’m getting better with time but it’s a daily struggle, whether it's just relaxing in the evening, socializing or just being silent and not multitasking.

Hope for tomorrow.

Without hope and of course hard work, what is the point?

That’s just me and where I am in life.

If you have most or are lucky enough to have all of your needs and wants met, you may not have a need or understanding of this.

But I think most of us hold on to hope for a better tomorrow.

Whether financially, in relationships, at work.

Even to have a better day with your 3 kids, who you feel are driving you nuts.

With yourself.

To have more patience.

As long as we keep working at whatever needs betterment, I do believe we will reach our goals.

It may not be when we want it to be but it can be done.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

I’m the type of person who questions everything.

Not so much out loud for quite a few years.

But I was definitely one of those kids who questioned their mom's ears off.

I had to know.

Now it’s hard to find the time for questioning of what’s happening in life but do I try.

What are your thoughts on this week’s saying, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

The important thing is not to stop questioning”?

12:15 - Grateful that the first week of cat sitting has gone well.

Well, meaning no cat is dead.

No contact or fighting has occurred.

Knock on wood.

Seriously, knock on wood.

There is hissing and growling but I keep them apart.

I’ve also come to the realization that when I do adopt another cat or a dog I need a house.

Kai, my cat, needs her room and a way to escape.

She also needs to be kept away from the other cat’s food.

She is greedy and will eat her food and theirs.

No shame.


14:52 - Thank you for tuning in to Episode 40 of My Views, Extended.

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