Episode 9- Entitled?

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Welcome to Episode 9 of My Views, Extended

I am your host Nadia

I just wanted to start off with a few updates, this week

A couple of disclaimers, when it comes to the music

That you hear for my intro and outro

If you hear it and say it has a mute or a bleep, or something, whatever editing

Whatever edit I used, it's because I'm choosing to edit it because in my podcast, I'm going to do my best to, not to curse or use profanity.

So, um, that's just part of how I am

Unless of course I've smashed my toe into the wall for the third time that day.

In regard to music.

If it's the n-word and yes I said the n-word

And I know that bothers some black people but we're all different

I don't use the "er" or the "a" at the ending of the n-word

So if you listen to the music, whether

Not every week is it going to be the same but if you listen to the intro or the outro of the music and you like the track and then go listen to it outside of my podcast

Cause i do always leave links to the artists that I use and ten you hear profanity or curse words, that's on them that's not me.

Obviously I like it enough to use their music, um, but, so just know

In case you're wondering, this is not the same music that heard on the intro or the outro of My Views, Extended

I'd also like to take this time to thank Otis MacDonald/Joe Bagale and ArchDuke for allowing me to use their music for the intros and outros of my podcast across the various platforms

The information of the artists that I always use, will always be available in the show notes.

I've finally finished my first book in several months and it was okay.

But I'm definitely going to look for something in the fiction genre next time

Unless there's an amazing entrepreneurial book or autobiography, memoir, of a really interesting business woman or something like that.

I think I'm going to stick with fiction next time

Like I said it wasn't a bad book, but meh, it wasn't that great.

So, if anybody has any suggestions on, what

What are you reading this week, or this past month or whatever?

Or what books have you read in the past that you think, would be interesting

I think that despite my best efforts, I think I might be getting affected by S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), I believe is the term?

And I think

I might have to invest in a light unit


But then I also have noticed that, in the last week or so, that it's, you know 2:45 and getting dark.

It's nearly I think, at this point, I noticed that it's been about 4:55-ish before the sun starts setting

So we are getting more light, which is awesome but I think

Despite my positive thinking and despite, you know trying to get enough sleep and exercising

Getting out and getting fresh air

You know just keeping that positive mind set

The lack of sun, even if you take out the sun setting really early

And just, you the constant rain and cloud cover, it is affecting me.

And I am sad.

And I shouldn't be, for the most part

So, yeah

I think if I do invest in one of those light unit thingamajiggers, I don't know what the proper term is

I will let you know if I do invest in one and if it's making any difference

Or if it's even going to make a difference, since the sun is starting to set later and later

On to ridiculous news

I've heard of this before

But it's been interesting that it's making news around the world

China bust 35 Restaurants Using Opium Poppies as Seasoning

And this is from the newyorktimes.com

And I'll just read directly the part of the article.

"Cases of cooks sprinkling ground poppy powder, which contains low amounts of opiates like morphine and codeine, in soup and seafood are not new in China, though it is unclear whether they can hook a customer or deliver a noticeable buzz."

Wow, are things that bad?

Is the restaurant competition so high that they have to try and hook people with opium poppy seeds as seasoning?

Shady but I'm sure that's not the only place in the world and I'm sure it won't be the last.

In some not so good news.

The WHO, world health organization, warns Zika to spread across Americas, spurring vaccine hunt.

And again I will quote

This quote is from yahoonews.com

“The mosquito-borne Zika virus, which has been linked to brain damage in thousands of babies in Brazil, is likely to spread to all countries in the Americas except for Canada and Chile"

I guess that's good for us Canadians unless you travel to those other places where the Zika virus can spread.

"Brazil's Health Ministry said in November that Zika was linked to a fetal deformation known as microcephaly, in which infants are born with smaller-than-usual brains."

"Brazil has reported 3,893 suspected cases of microcephaly, the WHO said last Friday, over 30 times more than in any year since 2010 and equivalent to 1-2 percent of all newborns in the state of Pernambuco, one of the worst-hit areas."

"We've got no drugs and we've got no vaccines. It's a case of Deja vu because that's exactly what we were saying with Ebola," Trudie Lang, a professor of global health at the University of Oxford, said on Monday."

"It's really important to develop a vaccine as quickly as possible."

Like rubella, which also causes mild symptoms but can lead to birth defects, health experts believe a vaccine is needed to protect girls before they reach child-bearing age.

Evidence about other transmission routes, apart from mosquito bites, is limited.

"Zika has been isolated in human semen, and one case of possible person-to-person sexual transmission has been described. However, more evidence is needed to confirm whether sexual contact is a means of Zika transmission," the WHO said."

And again that is from new.yahoo.com

Unfortunately there has been a school shooting in Canada

And that fortunately does not happen very often

It was in a school

"17 year old male has been charged with 4 counts of first degree murder, seven counts of attempted murder and one count of unauthorized possession of a firearm. Police say the teen can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The investigation is ongoing.”

It's kind of sad that you're not surprised because it's been happening, you know right across, to our neighbours in the US

It's happens on a pretty unfortunately regular basis, whether it's schools or movie theatres, wherever, the malls.

It’s sad, I feel horrific for the people who were present, for the families of the victims

What do we do to make sure that this doesn't happen again?

We have very strict gun laws in Canada, don’t know all the details but I do know that if you

You can have, I think there’re rifles and I think guns like that

Because we do have gun ranges, I think there called

And I know most people who are farmers, hunters, have then to protect, your land

I if you go hunting, obviously, to kill

So we do have them and there are gun registries but

And obviously, you know everybody, not everybody but people have hand guns


I don't know, it's just scary that, it's not necessarily surprising, because we live so close

Scary that it's coming to Canada

I just hope that this is not a copycat crime

Every day we are hearing a little bit more about what happened

I'm sure in the upcoming weeks and months we'll find out about what happened because the male that was charged

The 17 year old, he was apprehended

They didn't kill him, so I hope that he talks and lets the RCMP investigators know what

Was happening, what was going on in his mind.

So we can hopefully use this to prevent these things from occurring in the future

And that's the unfortunate thing to

When they do kill people.

When they do kill the suspects, in these cases

Whether its mass shootings or single shootings

When the police shoot them, we’re never going to know why?

And even if it's not necessarily a vendetta, if it's somebody with a mental health issue, we need to know

Was it a mental health issue?

So that we can fix the system to help these people, to make sure that it doesn't get to the point of taking other people's lives and their own lives.

So, as much as I'm not happy, obviously I'm not happy that he took people's lives but I'm glad that he was taken alive and hopefully that he speaks

Hopefully that he doesn't freeze up and he lets them know what was happening, so we can prevent this in the future

The next story that I read about was.

There's a 14 year old girl testifying against Native American mascots and she said that the crowd shouted

"Get Off the Stage S***w"

I'm not going to say it because I don't use those derogatory terms, even for a story

And will of course link this to, in the show notes.

This is from the http://www.huffingtonpost.com

She was standing up to say that, this isn't right, and why it's not right to use Native Americans as mascots in sports teams

And she just got met with racial insults and slurs

And unfortunately, again I'm not surprised by this

I'm just not surprised by this.

Not to take away from the issue but for a second

If you, we still hear and if you're at the sports events and you see it first hand

But if you hear on the news or in the newspaper and you hear about bananas being thrown on the ice rinks and on soccer fields and you hear from the crowds

Making monkey sounds and as a black hockey player is coming onto the ice

You know, how we can be surprised that it extended to other minorities.

I'm not really surprised, at all

What do you do?

The only thing I can think of right now, is to keep talking

Keep sharing your stories.

Don't stay silent

You have to ignore the sighs that you're going to get

The eye rolls that you're going to get

The here we go again, under the breath, of the person that doesn't want to hear about race issues

Keep talking

If we don't fight for ourselves, no one is else will

And that goes for any group or community that is being put down, because of who they are

Just outside of Pittsburgh in the US a mother was fatally shot after REPORTEDLY Rebuffing a man’s advances

“Mother of two Janese Talton-Jackson, 29, was fatally shot after she refused to talk to a man at a local bar, officials say. The suspect allegedly followed her to her car before shooting and killing her.” "Suspect has been charged with homicide"

Unfortunately this is not the first time that I heard of a woman being killed because she dismissed or refused the advances of a man

The other recent one that I heard of, in recent history was in Detroit, in 2014.

And I'll actually leave the link to both stories in the sow notes

She again was approached by a man and wasn't interested.

I believe she was with her fiancé at the time and she let him know. "I'm with my fiancé"

And he still didn’t accept that and he killed her.

My question is why on earth do men think that we owe them anything?

We do not have to say hello

We do not have to say hello, let alone anything else.

Get over it and get over yourself

I'm in the ground, or in this case, this mother of 2

Janese Talton Jackson, is in the ground because your ego was hurt

I would love to say that this person was mentally ill but unfortunately this entitled behaviour is not only reserved for the mentally ill.

I'm not shady the mentally ill

I have not been shot at myself but men have gotten extremely angry, actually cussed me out because I did not give them the time of day

Cussed me out, called me stuck up

Who do I think I am?

etc., etc.

I just kept my head up, ignored them and went about my business

Well, most of the time

In the past, um well I'd like to think I'm not as aggressive as I was in my past

Not to say that I would get into physical altercations but I would certainly let them know and ask them who they think they are.

But I don't do that anymore because it's just not worth it.

I just want to share a little story

I was at a sky train station this summer and there was a girl

A young girl, I would say probably, in her late teens, early twenties?

And she was I'm assuming she was either coming or going to a yoga class

She wasn’t, she was dressed in yoga attire, she had a yoga mat

So obviously she's coming and going to a class and she had headphones on

But that doesn't mean anything

You know that's a trick that we use, females use to have headphones in, that most of the time doesn't have anything in it.

We just use it, so people will leave us alone.

Anyway he went up to her and he was trying to say something

Saying hi and hey,

You going to yoga class?

Hey how are you

Hey, you're looking cute

All this foolishness, nonsense

Anyway, she chose to ignore the guy and he was not happy at all

She didn't make her face funny or turn her face and cut her eye at him or anything

She just chose to ignore him

It went from trying to talk to her, the guy went from trying to talk to her to walking in front of her

And because he was ignored, calling her a bi**h,

Calling her stuckup, continually calling her these things, getting louder

Until the train came and she went on the train

His friend that was with him just shook his head and laughed

I don't know why he was shaking his head and laughing

If he was embarrassed, if he thought she deserved it

If he was laughing at him

I don't know who he was laughing at but he certainly didn't try to alleviate the situation

I don't know if he could have anyway

Maybe this young lady was having a bad day

Maybe she had a boyfriend

Maybe she's into girls

Maybe her parents are super strict and she's not even allowed to be seen talking to guys

Maybe, I know it's hard to believe

Maybe she just didn't find him attractive

Who knows why she chose to ignore him

It really doesn't matter

She owes him nothing

Men, young men, old men

Get it through your thick skulls, we owe you nothing!

Sure it's nice to say hi back to someone that says hi to you

But it's not an obligation

But unfortunately as women we often can sense a Hi, just as a hi to another person

From a hi and let the games begin

There's a difference and if you're out in society you know the difference

Sometimes was women we just want to get from point a to point b in peace

We want to put our heads down or just look out the window, mind our business, peacefully

It's as simple as that

Now this poor woman, in the news, is in the ground, her children don't have a mother, because of an ignorant fool

What do you think about some men, not all men, but some men and their believe that we have to acknowledge their advances

That brings me to unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because I'm sure ranting is not good for my blood pressure but it's probably not good to keep it in

That brings me to this week’s rant

I had originally wanted to talk about the Oscars and at that point what I was actor Michael Cain and his two cents and every other person who just doesn't get it

Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion but you also have the right to the backlash

The big push back that I find with the Oscars is that people are saying that there wasn't any Oscar worthy performances by from black actors or other actors of other, non-white actors

I didn't see the movies and so I have no opinion about those particular movies but no one said anything about voting for someone because of their race

And that's ridiculous

I don't, I think most people who are upset about his are not expecting people to get voted for because for their race.

To fill a quota

Although I do know a lot of people who do vote or hire someone based on their race versus their actual qualifications

Many black Americans that I know voted for Obama because he was black

Versus actually agreeing with his policies and politics

Haven’t the Oscars been around for 88 years and the few roles that we have won are usually in my opinion the worst roles and representations of black people.

In my opinion.

They are the prostitutes, the drug dealers, the crooked cops

But yeah I guess we should just be happy and just the hell up, huh?

I just don't think that many people get that's it’s not about these Oscars

It’s about the larger picture of race and how we are not accepted or acknowledged in general

And I'm not just talking about black people

I'm talking about all non-white people

We are in general not accepted or acknowledged

I'm tired of this conversation but it needs to be had

You either get it or you don't

And by the way

Michael Cain, said be patient

I believe it was him that said be patient

How much more patient can any one group be

Keep waiting and be patient, while our young men are gunned down

Keep being patient while racial slurs are being shouted at a young Aboriginal girl is standing up for her people

We are sick of being patient, because obviously that isn't working

Part of this article is from the http://www.independent.co.uk and I will leave links in the show notes

What I’m Grateful for this week

I think that it's going to be pretty simple

I'm grateful that the sun is setting a little later

Now it's not that bad like in the summertime

It was 10 o'clock and it was still bright as if it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon

But I think it's about 4:45 when the sun is setting

So it's nice to be able to not have to rush home because

You know when you're taking public transportation and you're by yourself

Most of the time I am coming back in the dark and I prefer not to come home on the dark

Not that I live in an unsafe neighbourhood but I don't know the neighbourhood and I just prefer to be back and it kind of sucks that you have to run home by 3 o'clock and finish your errands by 3 o'clock

It probably wouldn’t be a big deal if I had a car but

So yeah, I'm just grateful for that the sun is setting later so I don't have to run home as quickly and I can just enjoy the sunshine

I've noticed that on the west coast, that the sun

The brightness of the sun, and it doesn't really warm up until 3 o'clock anyways

So it was literally warming up, like it would be the warmest part of the day as the sun was setting

Which was so weird

And I think I noticed that in the summer time

Back east by the time it got to 12:30, 1 o'clock in the afternoon, that was the hottest time of the day

So if you kind of went out before that time, or went out, after 3 you were okay in the summertime

You weren't going to roast to death

But here I noticed in the summertime, especially because we had this really odd heat wave, that we're not even supposed to get in this part of the country

So I was doing my errands and waiting until it started to cool down

And I'd be out "like why is it getting hotter and hotter and hotter, as I’m going about my errands?"

So I asked a friend who lives here and that's how it is here

The temperature peaks at around that 3 o'clock time and that's just weird.

It's just going to take some time to get used to all of these different weather changes.

That's what I'm grateful for this past week.

More sun


So hopefully I won’t feel as sad as I've been feeling

Maybe I won't need that light after all

What are you grateful for this past week?

Thank you for tuning in to Episode 9 of My Views, Extended. I would love to hear feedback, comments on what you think of this podcast and the topics that I’ve discussed this week.

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Till next time.

This is Nadia.

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