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Show notes & links

00:01 - Intro/Outro music: "Hate It Or Love It" Music by Joakim Karud

00:32 - Welcome & how are you this week? What I did this weekend, including what I'm watching on Netflix. Some of the shows like Chewing Gum are a car wreck but so good!

12:10 - No more menthol cigarettes in Canada.

Links: & & 

15:11 - Those in the mail genetics tests may have some use after all. 

Link: &

17:35 - United airlines passenger forcibly removed from plane.


22:53 -  Feel good story. This was in Memphis, Tennessee. I also share a family story of I was helped as a child.


34:43 - Quote of the Week

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.
—Henry Van Dyke

36:32 - What I’m Grateful For this past week. Let me know what you are grateful for today or this past week.

38:10 - Thank you & goodbyes!

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A little bit of cooking was had. Some of the cooking was the gnocchi shown below. But the mushrooms, bacon & a few herbs did the job. These pics were taken at the last second, so the quality & how pretty it looks was not taken into account. I also got bored & had other stuff to do so half of the gnocchi was forked, the other half was not. The end result was simple but good. Not perfect by any means, I am rusty as heck. I also need to get on it and cook up a new batch of tomato sauce for the freezer. That comes in handy on those days when you want to eat healthily but do not want to spend hours in the kitchen!

Have you tried any old recipes, after years & realised that it will take a few more sessions before they are perfected once again? Have a great Monday & week!

gnocchi after years
gnocchi after years but the end result was delicious!

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