~I'm going to see Black Panther this weekend and I have to say I haven't been this excited to see a movie in years. My sister booked the tickets & I think we'll have reclining seats. I'm not sure though. The reclining seats are newish to my local theatre, so I'm hoping they improve the movie experience. I'm also still deciding if I'm going to dress up for the part. Should I be inspired by my African roots or just be comfortable because I'm going to be sitting down, in a dark theatre? I'll let you know how it went on some form of social media. Check out Rotten Tomatoesmarvel.com.

~My reaction poem after seeing the movie trailer last year.

Tree leaves

~Well, there's not much going on in front of the scenes. I'm just hustling, getting better with my photography, video editing, writing, as always. I'm working on my crochet & knitting, including creating some new patterns, that may or may not see the light of day.

~Before I head out I need to let you know that I now have a Work With Me Page. Check it out if you're interested in working with me or know someone who needs a creative & talented individual like myself. Yes, I'm tooting my horn because I work hard, I'm good at what I do & sometimes you need to be your own champion.

ants and ladybugs, ladybirds on flowers

Till next time,


~Everything Is Not For Everyone~