These goals are not new to 2018, this has been ongoing for years. I'm sure many of you are in the same predicament. It's a matter of consistency. Finding what works for me & continuing with whatever that is. Finally, stop doing what doesn't work for me or simply makes my mind or body miserable.

~Flexibility & Joint Health. Getting back to an everyday yoga practice. I've gotten away from that, only doing yoga after cardio. Or not practising for months at a time. Not good enough and I missed it. I restarted with Adriene's - TRUE - 30 DAY YOGA JOURNEY, this January & it was the reset that I needed. Some days I follow along with her, other yogi's videos or do my own routine (which I only did when I started at age 21-ish).

~Heart. This is where the cardio comes in for me. The diet has never been an issue (aside from just eating too much, at times) but I dislike working out. I dislike sweating. I also dislike heaving, from walking up a simple set of stairs, while I feel my thighs, butt & stomach jiggle & shake. I also do not want to have the future talk with my doctor about having to start taking cholesterol medication. So, I do cardio in the form of walking or HIIT workouts. That works for now. When I don't live near extremely steep hills, I'll get back on my bike.

~Bones. I do not want to develop osteoporosis. I do not want to fall & break bones. They all sound like good reasons, to me. Bone density can start to decline at age 30. I know, who knew it was so soon? I'm already right on the borderline of osteopenia. I will not cross over to osteoporosis. Not today, not ever. So I use my body weight for callisthenics, along with free weights, to help keep my bones strong. I also take a multi-vitamin with calcium, along with eating calcium-rich foods on a daily basis. To learn more: &

~Balance. This is a tough one, that is ongoing & ever changing. I'm still learning how to balance building a business, relationships, having time for myself & society.  For now, what seems to work is keeping my tasks in my datebook, checking them off as each is completed. It's okay to take time for me. Currently, that is getting the cardio over with then being present with myself in my yoga/meditation. It's not exciting or adventurous but not only is my body is getting stronger by the day, my mind is clear & healthy. Continued learning, growth & peace of mind. Every day is chance to better myself so that I can be better for others. 🧘🏿

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