Episode 21- “Diamonds and Pearls”

Show notes & links:

-RIP to Prince Rogers Nelson

-Updates, on previous stories I have previously discussed:

-A new Jungle Book Movie, by Warner Bros. ew.com  

-Today is World Intellectual Property Day. http://www.wipo.int Just sharing my thoughts on this in the digital space.

School News:

-“Engineering Graduates (Calgary, Canada) Wait Up To 1 Year To Find Work”  http://www.huffingtonpost.ca

-1st Canadian Zika virus case confirmed   http://www.cbc.ca

In Medical News:

-From the US “The Brain works harder when we are asleep.” Huffington Post

-“Better preemie pain relief sought amid new call for action” foxnews.com 

-“Overweight And Thin People Might Actually See Food Differently” http://www.huffingtonpost.com

-In Opposite Medical News:

 -“Fear over eating disorder care in Japan”  http://www.bbc.com   Psychosomatic Medicine

What I’m Grateful for This Week: 

For Dr. Drew Pinsky & LoveLine, and from what and whom to stay the heck away from.

Purple Rain

Intro & Outro Music: "Ama Be Happy" feat. Jenee Jones by ArchDuke. Thank you!

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