Episode 23- “Tragedy Brings Strength”

Show notes & links:

 00:28 - Intro


 01:30 -"Fort McMurray as wildfire action plan enters phase 2, Red Cross registration deadline" http://globalnews.ca  https://donate.redcross.ca

 04:18 -"Panama Papers reveal middlemen between Canada and offshore secrets” http://www.cbc.ca  Read the full story @http://www.cbc.ca/panama-papers 

In Medical news:

05:30 -“Study suggests fake sweetener link to infant size, obesity” http://news.umanitoba.ca  

07:14 -"Swaddling Infants May Increase Risk of SIDS" http://news.health.com

08:49 -“Thyrioid Desease diagnosis change” http://oncology.jamanetwork.com

10:43 -“Lyme Disease Awareness Month” https://www.lymedisease.org

13.13 -Today is also World Lupus Day. http://www.worldlupusday.org

In Political News:

14:17 -"Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien has thrown his 2 cents into the marijuana debate." You can check out the full video @ http://globalnews.ca

16:42 - Something Positive in the News is replacing Foolishness in the News: Airline lets Fort McMurray evacuees, bring pets on board main cabin. https://www.thedodo.com

19:24 - What I’m Grateful for This Week: Clarification of what I’m working for, for myself, not for others.


Intro & Outro Music: "Ama Be Happy" feat. Jenee Jones by ArchDuke. Thank you!

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