Episode 24- “Drinking While Pregnant”

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Show notes & links

 00:26 - Intro Updates:  

01:05 - SeaWorld’s Retired Orca’s theweathernetwork.com   whalesanctuaryproject.org/

01:50 - Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada 

www.edmontonsun.com  donate.redcross.ca

In Medical/Political News: 

02:34 - NYC bars will not be able to refuse pregnant woman alcohol. www.huffingtonpost.ca & www.nyc.gov

In Animal News:

04:26-“Yellowstone Tourists Allegedly Snatch Baby Bison, Put It In Their SUV Because It Looked Cold”  www.huffingtonpost.com & www.doi.gov

In Transport News:

06:05 - “High-speed transport system one step closer to reality” www.weathernetwork.com

Positivity in the News:

07:26 - Pet Talk Kids who grow up with pets are more emotionally intelligent and compassionate. nhne-pulse.org/ & mnn.com & petpartners.org

In the Environment/In Good News

10:27 - Fort McMurray Growth, even among the fresh damage. theweathernetwork.com & royalalbertamuseum.ca Update: Oilsands camps north of Fort McMurray have been ordered for approximately 8, 000 workers. The wild fire is travelling at 30-40 metres/minute.

12:56 - What I’m Grateful for This Week:

I’m grateful that I’m continuing on with my 4 minute workouts with Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube.com & @lwrfitness.com/


Intro & Outro Music: "Ama Be Happy" feat. Jenee Jones by ArchDuke. Thank you!

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