Episode 25- “Baby Boxes”

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Show notes & links

00:00 - Intro Music

00:39 - Intro to My Views, Extended

01:34 - In Government News:

-“Human Rights Bill To Protect Transgender Canadians Unveiled By Liberals” www.huffingtonpost.ca & openparliament.ca/bills 

02:38 - In Medical News:

-“Saskatchewan hospitals will no longer have visiting hours”  www.huffingtonpost.ca

07:39 - Interesting acid reflux news. www.utsouthwestern.edu & jama.jamanetwork.com

09:20 -“Deep brain stimulation (DBS) applied to a Parkinson's disease patientwww.dbs4pd.org/ & www.facebook.com & www.parkinson.org

11:24 - Ontario has child-care wait list fees? www.huffingtonpost.ca & www.childcarecanada.org

13:50 - Baby box program is coming to Ontario by August. data.worldbank.org & www.prnewswire.com & www.babyboxco.com

18:05 - What I’m Grateful for This Week:  The long weekend quiet.

more granville

19:40 - Intro & Outro Music: "Ama Be Happy" feat. Jenee Jones by ArchDuke. Thank you!

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