Episode 26 – “It’s Getting Hot In Here”

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Show notes & links

00:00 - Intro song by ArchDuke, "Ama Be Happy" feat. Jenee Jones (Produced by Charity Croff and Carnage Swank)

00:28 - Intro to My Views, Extended

01:50- Gas Shortages in Winnipeg, Manitoba https://goo.gl/yVXEqs

03:26- In Environmental News: Temperature Records Broken Across BC

09:35- Cost of Vegetables Rising In Canada

12:45- In Medical News: Blood Test Detects Onset of Alzheimer’s http://goo.gl/RgrKtI & http://goo.gl/2Fu0GN

14:54- Cancer treatment, when do you stop treatment & just make yourself comfortable? http://goo.gl/WKjmzQ

19:44- What I’m Grateful for This Week:

20:30 - Thank you's & Outro Music: "Ama Be Happy" feat. Jenee Jones by ArchDuke. 


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Full Transcript

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