Episode 3- My Views, Extended

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Show notes:

-Starting new holiday traditions, going away for the holiday.

-Do your pets get Christmas presents too?

-Tina Fontaine (may need to update link if  newer story comes out, CHECK!) Peter Mansbridge interview with Stephen Harper in 2014?

-Oklahoma former police officer, convicted of rape and sexual assault. Read more here.

- I'll always try to finish on a lighter note . My favourite Christmas movies and favourite Christmas songs. Who can choose just one? *Correction to what I stated in the podcast. George C. Scott was Scrooge in one of my favourite versions of A Christmas Carol.

-What I'm grateful for this week

Intro music: "Find My Way Home" courtesy of, Otis MacDonald/Joe Bagale. www.youtube.com/user/jbfnk78   www.joebagale.com/

Outro music: "Heart of Silver [Extended Play] Creative Issue", courtesy of Creative Commons License 4.0.-BY (Attribution).  https://soundcloud.com/creativeissueofficial

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TTranscript here.

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